Sunday, March 22, 2009

SAI appearing as a Snake

Raghu Patil a resident of shirdi village would start any work , only after visiting Baba and saluting him. Once he went to Nevasa village to see his brother in law. He went by horse to srirampur and from there by tonga to Nevasa. He woke up the next morning and remembered Baba, praying to him with closed eyes. He heard the following words in Baba's voice," If i give darshan do not be frightened." In the meanwhile a servant working in the cowshed cried," snake! snake ! ". Alla ran there. Raghu patil thought that Sai had come in that form and put a bowl containing milk infron of the snake and it drank the milk. The frightened people ran away. While Raghu patil was watching , the snake crawled for some distance and desappeared.He felt very happy that sai had given him darshan in the form of snake.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Baba's silver statue

Baba always took two rupees as dakshina from purandhare. Curious about this he asked Baba why the denomination." I do not care for the monetary value of the money" , replied Baba ." But I want to stress Shraddha and saburi, So I asked of only of ten times Baba gave purandhare money that he carefully preserved in his place of worship and so did his son.
But what about the future generation? They may or may not know its value, So his grandson took all the coins to a goldsmith and got a silver statue of Baba made. He figured that the idol would be taken care off. The silver idol is worshipped daily.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Baba was Akalkot Maharaj

In the year 1876 Samardha Akalkot Mahhaj attained Samadhi in the Village of Akkalkot. A devotee of his was preapring to go to Akalkot in 1904. But akalkot Maharaj appeared in his dream and told him that there was no need t0 c0me to Akkalkot as he was at Shirdi in the Avatar of Shirdi Sai Baba. When the devotee visied Baba, the later blessed him and toled him that Akalkot Maharaj and he are the same.
Sai Baba is not merely Akkalkot Maharaj. he is also the incarnation of all Gods. He appeared at Rama, Krishna. Maruti a, Datta and also as Ganesh to all devotees.
Let us Pray at the feet of Sai Baba who is the incarnationn of all god and protector of all, to show mercy on us, and increase our devotion towards him.

Das Ganu's Holy Bath

On Shivrathri day in theyer 1905 DAS GANU wanted to bath in the nearby Godavari river and sought the permission of Baba. Baba told him, why should you go to such a distant place ? Godavari water is at my feet." Das Ganu knew that Baba was the incarnation of Lord Shiva and Gangadevi would always with him. But he thought that the satisfication of bathing in a river would not be there. Knowing the thoughts inside Das Ganu, Baba asked him to hold bath the palms of his hand together and put them near his feet . When Das Ganu did this holy water flowed from the toes of Baba's feet. Wonderstruck at this Das Ganu sprinkled the water on his head with joy and got the satisfication of having bathed in the river Ganga.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Police cover for Sai Baba Paduka Darshan

Over a hundred security guardsand hundreds of policeman provide security to ensure peace and order during the one0and-half-day at shirdi shirdi sai baba darshan at campal Panaji.

Chairman of the Goa Pradesh Shree Sai Baba Paduka Darshan Sohala Samiti, Anil Counto, said that they are expecting over a lakh devotees to gather at the Bandodkar ground on Sunday, February 22, from all over Goa to catch a glimpse and pay their respects to the Sai Baba Paduka, which will arrive all the way from Shirdi.

Suresh Waable of the Saunsthan informed that the paduka will arrive in Goa on February 21at 4 pm, and will be welcomed by chief minister Digambar Kamat at Patradevi along with other cabinet ministers and MLAs.

On Sunday, the Paduka Darshan of Shirdi Sai Baba and Bhakti Sammelan will be organised at the grounds at Campal. Governor of Goa S S Sidhu and chief minister Digambar Kamat will be present for the ceremony.

Ashok Khambekar of the Shirdi Sai Saunstha said, "The paduka abhishek will take place on Sunday at 6 am. Thereafter, devotees will be allowed darshan up to 12 noon. At 6 pm Saanj aarti will be performed and Sez aarti at 10.30 pm."

Dr Ekanth Gadekar said, "At 4.30 pm on February 22 devotees will be offered Mahaprasad. We have made arrangements for 10,000 to stand in a queue at one time for the paduka darshan and 25,000 will be accommodated in the pandal at a time during the darshan."

The event is being organised by the Shirdi Sai Saunstha and Goa Pradesh Shree Sai Baba Paduka Darshan Sohala Samiti to celebrate 100 years of the first Sai Baba palki or palanquin that travelled from Dwarka Mai to Chawdi in Shirdi in 1909.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grinding of Wheat

It was in the year in 1910. Hemadpant came to shirdi . One day after washing his face , Baba sat in Dwarkamai and started grinding wheat . He lived on alms. He had never done the grinding before. So all whoe were nearby were looking with wonder at this. Four bold women went inside the mosque, and requesting Baba to sit aside, took the grinding stone and started grinding . Though Baba got angry at this he kept quiet, seeing their affection for him. On completion of the grinding work, the ladies divided the flour into four parts and wanted to take it for themselves. Baba, watching them calmly till then got angry and scolded them," Oh ladies! Are you crazy? Are you thinking that this flour is your property to take it? I never took any wheat from you. Then why are you taking this flour? He cooled down after a while and said," It is all right. Take the flour and sprinkle it on the boundaries of this village." The ladies bowed their heads in shame , touched Baba's feet , went quickly and sprinkled the flour on the boundaries of the village.The villagers told hemadpant that there was cholera in the village , and only to eradicate it Baba had done all this . Hemadpant did not understand the relationship between cholera and the wheat flour, but the epidemic in the village gradually subsided. Then Hemadpant cocluded that what Baba ground that day was not wheat , but the cholera epidemic which he had sent outside the boundaries of the village . after seeing this leela of Baba, Hemadpant desired to write the Life history of shirdi sai Baba, containing all the leelas and miracles of Baba . He sought the permission of Baba to write the book. But Baba asked him to wait for some time. In the year 1917 Hemadpant tried again through Shama. Baba blessed him and gave udi prasad. The life history of shirdi sai Baba which hemadpant started writing in Marathi language with the blessings of Sai Baba when he was alive, is read all over the world. This was translatesd into Telugu by Sri Pratti Narayana Rao.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fakir Madhu Shah

In the year 1913 , Maddhu shah, a resident of Meerin Village near jalgaon, came to Shirdi and requested Baba for Rs.700 which was urgently required for a good cause . At the instance of Baba, Jog gave Rs.700 in coins to two youths, Lakshman and Gulab with a direction to give this money to Maddhu Shah. But the youths gave only Rs.500 to the fakir, Maddhu shah, and kept for themselves the balance of RS.200.
Maddhu shah told Baba that he received only Rs.500 Baba appearing not to have taken note of it, gave the fakir udi as prasad and sent him away. The fakir travelled for about two miles and was near neemgaon, when a tahslidar named Erun Shah, passed in atonga. On seeing the fakir, he got down from the tonga, gave the food packet he was carrying and also Rs.200. The fakir took the money and food packet, and feeling very happy, continued his journey after some rest.
Erun shah the tahslidar, reached Shirdi and stayed in the house of Tatya Patil. He told him a dream he had. In his dream someone told him," come to shirdi in tonga. On your way near to neemgaon you will find a fakir with a tiger skin on him. GIve him Rs.200 and also some food.
Six Months after the above mentioned incident, the two youths, Lakshman and Gulab, came to Erun Shah and gave himm Rs.1,000 each in some other connection. That day again Erun shah had a dream. Someone told him in his dream," In your dream about six months back, as per my direction you gave a fakir of RS.200. Today, I am giving you ten times that." What moral we learn from this story is , Baba collected ten timed the amount from Lakshman and Gulab, which they had misappropriated, not carrying for Baba;s instructions and made the two youths pay to Erun Shah, who obeyed Baba's instructions, ten times the money he had paid to the fakir. Those who steal God's money will have to pay back ten times that during this birth or in the future. Under any circumstances one should be willing to spend for God but if one is tempted to take god's money then one will have to suffer.

Desiring Mantropadesa From Baba

An old Woman called Radha Bai Deshmukh treated Baba as her Guru and she wanted to have Mantropadesa and also Atma Sakshatkara. With this determined desire, she went to shirdi and requested Baba to teach her Mantras. But Baba kept silent. Then she went on a fast and decided not to take food or water till Baba taught her Mantras. Her fast continued for three days and she became very weak. Shama noticed this and fearing that Baba might get a bad name if anything happened to her, requested Baba to interfere in the matter and save the woman.
Thus Baba sent for her and told,'' Mother, I am like your child. You are like my mother.Why are you undergoing this agony and desiring wealth? I am a fakir. Show Kindness to me. My Guru was a great' Satpurusha'. When I approached him, he asked me two coins as dakshina. They are not ordinary coins. One is Shraddha (faith) and the other is Saburi (patience). Shraddha means faith , doing work correctly, and saburi means patience- equanimity in the face of difficulties. As soon as he asked for them, I improve these two qualities in me and gave them to my Guru as dakshina. He immediately got my head tonsured and accepted my dakshina.
" When my Guru was in mediatation I used to sit in front of him, and focus my eyes on his face, withour diverting it on other matters; this went on for days , forgetting hunger and thirst. He also used to look at me with love. On such occassions we used to be full of mutual love and happiness. I could not withstand our seperation even for a moment. There was no other goal for me except my Guru. I never carved for anything other than my Guru. He also desired to have my love only and nothing else. He used to radiate his affection on me always.
" I will never tell a lie sitting in this mosque. My Guru did not tell me any Mantra I cannot also give any advice to you. If you want to have me as your Guru, you must behave as I did in the case of my Guru. Keep me as the goal of your thoughts and ideals. see me with undeterred sincerity and I will also see you in the same manner. Some drawbacks and pressures in life will try to sepearte us. Withour yielding to such things you should exercise patience and be happy. Unless you act like this , you cannot reach your's life goal. You need not bother about the four kinds of practices six Shastras or eight kibds of yoga. With strong devotion, if you serve your Guru that is enough. This is the only true thing that my guru taught me.''
These nectar-like words of Baba changed the heart of the old woman and she gave up the fast . That day Baba made her sit next to him and eat her food.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Butty Wada

Sreeman Butty, with the help of shama, kaka saheb dixit and others, had produced the material required for the construction of the wada, and engaged the required workers. They decided to commence the work on 30 december 1913 with the laying of the foundation stone. Baba also agreed to this. The construction started. Shama was supervising . The underground structure, the outside structure and digging the well were completed. Baba also saw the construction work daily on his way to Lendi Bagh and back to the mosque. Sometimes Baba would indicate some alterations and give some suggestions. Slowly the workers also developed devotion and faith in Baba. They saluted Baba every day before the commencement of work and also at closing time. The bilding Material and the implements were taken of by Bapu Saheb Jog. With Baba's blessings , the building rose quickly. The workers worked as if it was a holy Yagna.
Butty was in a hurry to install sri krishna's idol in the big hall. When he sought permission of Baba to order for the idol, Baba declined to give the permission ,stating that when the Wada was completed, he would himself come and reside there and all of them would embrace each other and play there and be happy. On another ocassion, Baba sat cross-legged on the base constructed for installing Sri Krishna's idol. Butty once again asked Baba's permission to get the idol prepared-Baba asked whether he was not Sri Krishna. He told Butty to patiently for sometime, saying that the idol could be installed afterwards. NObody could understand the inner meaning of Sai Baba' words. The temple was coming up gradually. Baba made all arrangements personally and if he wanted to tell his devotees about anything, he told them in their dreams.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baba's Dakshina

Baba took dakshina only from a few devotees out of several who came for his darshan. Sometimes he accepted when devotees gave him unasked for. But he declined to take from such devotees at other times. He took Dakshina from all, whether they were rich or poor. He used to ask dakshina from women and also children. If any devotee whom Baba had asked for dakshina had no money, Baba advised him to take a loan, and give. If a devotee declined to give dakshina Baba never not got angry. If anyone gave him more than whta he asked for, he returned the excess amount. Sometimes he used to give back a portion of the dakshina to the devotee with an advice to keep it in the puja and worship. At times he took dakshina four or five times in a day from the same devotee. There were instances when the devotees gave away the entire amount they had with them. The devotees from Baba asked dakshina in return received the blessings of Baba. Such devoteed never suffered for want of money in their lives. They always thought that Baba asked for dakshina for their own good.
Out of the money received through dakshina, Baba spent only a little of it for his chillum and towards firewood for the Dhuni; the balance amount he gave away to the poor and to those who were with him. Daily he gave away thus up sixty rupees. The then British Government had received reports through its intelligence agencies, that Baba sometimes distributed more than what he received.
For spiritual progress, generally there are two obstacles: Wealth and sex. Baba used to put the devoteed to test regarding these two. He asked for money by way of dakshina. After that he sent them to the house of Radhakrishna Mai, who was a young and beautiful widow. She used to make arrangements in her house for food for those devotees who came from far0off places. She completely devoted her energies in the services of Baba. Pleased with her devotion, Baba gave her super powers without her knowledge. She could read the thoughts of those who visited her. She used to caution those whose thoughts became perverted after seeing her beauty. Baba sent the devotees to her house at onetime or other, just to test them. The devotees exercised utmost caution while in her house.
All the valuable articles that were with shirdi Samsthan were those brought by devotees on the advise of Radhakrishna Mai. But Baba never showed any interest in them. He told that all that his property consisted of were an undercloth, a seperate cloth and a tumbler. His mind never went after materialistic objects. In the same way Those who read these story should develop a detachment from worldly things . With a prayer to sai Baba to bless these my readers with pece and happiness.
"Allah Mallik hai"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sai Baba's Teachings

Sai Baba frequently advised on how one should behave in one's daily life. " Because of our contacts in the previous birth, we met each other in this birth also. If any person or animal comes to you , do not drive them away unsympathetically. You should welcome then wholeheartedly and give them due respect.You should give water for the thirsty, food for the hungry and clothing for the naked. God will be satisfied and bless you, if you allow others to take rest in your verandah. If any ones come for you money, you need not give if you do not like to, but you should not abuse or use harsh language and cause pain. This world is like a stage.Carefully observe the several thing being enacted on this stage.But be steady even if the whole world goes upside down. There is no difference between you and me. We both are one.You remove the wall in between us.God is the head all of us. Allah Mallik Hai! None else except God can save us.The method of God is extraordinary very valuable and unimaginable. We all met here because of our tie-up in the previous births. We should be above caste, religion and nationality and move in an affectionate way and be happy and peaceful. We should utilise this body given by God, for the good of others. Such people are only blessed ones. The others live just because they take birth."
Baba taught whenever there was time and oppurtinity. He used to say that he is omnipresent and present in all elements like earth, air , water, fire and light. He allowed some devotees to do his Pada Puja, some otheres to hear his leelas; some othere to go to the temple of Khandoba and a few others to do parayana of holy books according to their needs. He give instructions to some personally and to some in their dreams. Once, when Radhakrishna Mai was suffering from fever , Baba asked for a ladder to be brought . He climbed it to the roof of her house. He gave two rupees to the person who brought the ladder. Even though all these acts of Baba appeared strange , the fever of Radhakrishna Mai subsided.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Damu Anna

A friend of Damodar savalram Ranse alias Damu Anna from Bombay had written a letter to Damu Anna, that they both jointly do bussiness in cotton as there would be huge profits. Since Damu Anna was a Sai devotee , he wrote to shama at shirdi, to take the opinion of Baba on the matter. When shama went to Dwarkamai to consult Baba about it, Baba told him " What things he is planning! without being contended with what God has given him, he is trying to earn lakh of rupees. He is crazy. Let him live happily with half-bread." Shama wrote back to Damu Anna about what Baba had told him. Damu Anna came to shirdi personally to talk to Baba. He thought of offering him a share in the profits. Baba read his mind and told him that he did not like to involve himself in worldy matters. So Damu Anna dropped the proposal to trade in cotton. Soon after , all the cotton merchants incurred losses. At another time, Damu Anna wanted to trade in Paddy. Baba told him that if Damu Anna purchased at 7 seers a ruoee he would sell at 9 seers a rupee. As Baba predicted, the rates of Paddy came down and all those who hoarded paddy were put to heavy loss. Baba thus daved him twice from heavy losses. Because of this , Damu Anna's devotion to Baba increased and he served him till Baba;s Samadhi.
Once when Damu Anna was sitting near baba's feet the got two doubts.'so many devotees are coming to Baba will all of them be benefited?'
'Now I am seeking Baba' advise in all matters and by acting according to his advice, I am much benefited . But what will be my fate after baba leaves this body? should O be like a drifiting kite?'
Having read the doubts in Damu Anna Baba answered,
Look at that mango tree and its thick flowers. If all the flowers become mangoes, how nice it will be. But at the stage itself a lot will fall off. Some will fall off at the stage of tender mangoes. Due to puckling by birds, and children hitting with stones, some were will fall off. Finally very few become ripe mangoes. The same with these devotees also.
" Even after leaving the present body I will be alert . The Protection for my devoteed will come from my Samadhi. I will discharge all my obligations from my samadhi. My bones will look after your welfare."
We pray to Baba, to extend the assurances given to Damu Anna, to my readers.

Vasu Devananda Saraswathi

In a Tapovan near Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh, there was a great saint with divine and supernaturalpowers. He was Vasu Devananda Saraswathi. Thousands of devotees visited him. Das Ganu, a native of Nanded , along with four others went to visit this yogi. After hearing about shirdand the names of sai Baba from Das Ganu Maharaj, Vasu Devananda was overwhelmed with joy and told them," Children! My elder brother is there in shirdi. Why did you come here instead of visiting him? people are under the impression that Sai Baba is a muslim Fakir. But he is my elder brother. Please give this coconut to him with my salutations." So saying he gave a coconut to Das Ganu. They returned with Das Ganu to Nanded and after fiftenn days started for shirdi via Manmad and Kopargaon. After reaching Manmad they learnt that the train to kopargaon was running late. So they sat near the rivulet nearby, to eat the fried riceflakes brought by them. As they found the riceflakes too pungent, they broke the coconut given to them by Vasu Devananda Saraswathi and after crating it, mixed it with riceflakes and ate it. While eating they suddenly remembered that this coconut was intended for Sai BAba and feared the consequences.
When they reached shirdi, Sai Baba called Das Ganu and asked him about the coconut given by Vasu Devananda. Surprised as to how Baba knew about it, Das Ganu narrated everything and sought the pardon of Baba. He rose to go to the shop to get another coconut. But Baba prevented him and told him," Child, do not go. Can the coconut which you intend to bring now be equal to the one sent my brother? Do not worry . You are also my children. All my possessions are yours. I do not have anything against you". So saying , he blesses him.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lakshmi Bai Tuse

Shri Ram was her ishtadev and she had not even heard of Baba. That was in 1912 that she had gone to her fathe's house. There she perrformed puja to Shri Ram and Hanuman. The devera (miniature temple for God's idol) was placed on a shelf above. As was her daily routine she did an alaborate puja. Then she went upstairs to rest. Infront of the building was a jamun tree. A top that tree was monkey who looked bright and poerful like Hanuman. Jumping off the tree , he came to the window and then suddenly disappeared.That night she dreamt of Baba who said, " Come to shirdi your ram is here. So come as often as you want." She had never heard of shirdi. Her Guru however told her everything about shirdi. It was in 1913 that she got a chance to visit shirdi when she saw Baba , He was the saint she had dreamt of.In 1917 , She visited shirdi again. After the noon aarti, and meal was over, she stayed on in the Dwarkamai. Lakshmi Bai was very concerned about her property. She confided in shama, and told him the story. She was gifted vast farmland by her father-in-law, so he could live of it comfortably. But her father had impounded the land and would not hand it to over to her. Nor would stay on the farm. Then she asked shama if he would speak to Baba on her behalf. Shama however told her to speak for herself.At that time Baba was standing against the wall of yje Dwarkamai. He was abusing very violently. After a few minutes He went and sat in the Dwarkamai near the Katrada. Anna chinikar was massaging his feet and jog was doing seva. Lakshmi Bai went up and sat down, but said nothing. Baba said to jog ," Anna has swindled kaki and completely wiped her of all her posessions. He gives Me a lot of trouble.' To which Anna replied, " I have never swindled anyone of their posessions. Nor i have troubled Baba." Then to Lakshmi Bai He said," Kaki let him eat, after all it's Anna will give you enough, and there will be no dearth. You, me and Anna will go and live in Nashik.Lakshmi Bai was surprised to hear this. Her father's name was Anna. He had swindled her of her farmlan. Many of her well-wishers had suggested that she lodge a complaint. however she followed Baba's advice. At first she had a lot of trouble, but that to passes. she completed a course in nursing and midwifery and lived comfortably

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ramachandra M Adkar

Ramachandra was born to Madhav Rao Vaman and Ganga Bai Adkar on 14th March ,1915.Madhav Rao was an ascetiv by nature and often went on pilgrimage to Pandharpur. Once Madhav Rao went to shirdi and was serving Baba. One day when he was in Dwarkamai with Baba, Baba said," Madhav Rao two men will come to take you home, you better go. You will be get a son, and you should name him Ram.". A short while later his father-in-law and father came to Dwarkamai. Both pleaded with Baba saying," Baba , do send this Madhav Rao home. Though married he shrinks his responsibilities." Baba replied," He will accomapny you." Thus Madhav Rao went home and a year later a son was born. He was named Ramachandra. Ganaga Bai brought the young child for Baba's darshanand blessings. His mother died two years later and his maternal grandparents brought up Ram.
Ramachandra studied up to 5th class in Marathi medium. His father was a linguist and taught him to read and write urdu. When he grew up he sought the job of a school master, but was appointed as headmaster. Thus he was in a charge of four schools. Three months later he was married to Mathura Bai Kulkarni. They stayed in their father's home in Barsi, where he continiued to work as head master. They had two sons and three daughters. He retired in 1972 and in 1980 moved to pune where he is currently staying.
With Baba's blessings and grace his children are leading fruitful and comfortable lives.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meaning Of Moksha( Salvation)

After starting Dhuni in Dwarkamai, Baba used to sit leaning on the wall opposite the dhuni, most of the day. Thus sitting infront of his mother who gave him this physical body, he would tell about his feelings to her. He frequently used to say" Masjid Mai" which meant "Mosque mother" . Now and then he used to convey his feelings to the mother.
As long as the physical body is there attachment will be therre. Pnce the life leaves the body, then there are no such attachments. for sages, saints and those who want to free themselves from this and those who want to0 free themselves from this lifecycle, this state gives them peace and happiness to their soul. But ordinary peolpe , after their death seek rebirth as they are not able to come out of their worldly desires. If you do not have such desires then there will not be rebirth or" punar janma". This is Moksha or Mukthi Or salvation.
With great detachment having got moksha Gurudhan, Dwarkamai, and Venkusa in the form of jyotis were in shirdionly for the welfare and prosperity of the masses and not for the sake of them selves. Under such a state there would not be any relationship as mother and son. All were equal and in such a state only , all were at shirdi sai was visible in the human form whereas the other were not. this was only difference.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


A number of devotees used to approach Baba with materialistic desires. Nanavali used to observe all this from a distance. He used to put only an upper cloth on him and looked like a mentally deranged person. His talk was harsh and eyes fearful to look at, usually no one talked to him. He never tolerated any injustice and if he came across such a thing he went there and condemned it with his harsh words. The public moved away if they noticed him coming. If he came across any persons having bad ideas or thoughts, he scolded them with harsh and sometimes threw stones at them.
He never tolerated it if anyone talked against Baba . Such was his devotion towards Baba. one day he noticed some merchants asking Baba about money matters and troublim him much. He came forward quickly and sat in front of Baba, demanding ," Fakir! I want a big tree which bears money immediately. I do not want a small tree which cannot give me money just now. It should give the money the moment it sprouts." Baba cooled the temper of Nanavali and assured him that he would grant his request and Nanavali went laughing.
The devotees present there conveyed their feeling to Baba that it was not good for Baba to entertain Nanavali, who was a crazy person. Baba replied as follows," while I am sitting in this mosque to show you Jnana Marga leading to salvation,you are coming to me for wealth, fame , status and other materialistic desires. What is it that one has to achieve in his lifetime? Is wealth the only onething? No. but wealth is also necessary -only upto the level of leading a normal life and that too with money earned the right way. Even if you earn money and accumulate a lot of wealth out of greed , throughout your life, it is fact that nothing will come with you after you die.
"My spiritual treasury is overflowing . I can give whatever devotees desire . They can also come and take away whatever amount they like. But they should qualify themselves for receving it. But they are not willing to take what I give them, they want only what they desire. I am prepared to give them priceless gold. But they choose only earthen lumps.
" From where did we come into this human body? What we are doing noe? from here, where are we going? Who is behind our biths and deaths? who created the sun, the moon , the stars and other planets? People don't think about all this . They are only after wealth and physical happiness, thinking that this life is permanent . But they are getting destroyed like the insects which, drawn to the flame perish. This is complete Agnana (ignorana) which is quiet opposite to Jnana Marga. I came in this body only to put humanity in the jnana marga.
Many a time Baba elaborated the word " I and Me" through his teachings. To know about me or to search for me you need not go elsewhere. If you remove your name and form , then what is left in you is myself. Not only in you but I am equally present in all living things. If you realise this, then you can see me in all living things. If you cause any pain to any living thing, you are hurting me. Those who tolerate the hardships caused to them by others, are dear to me.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Guru is God

What are the qualification of a shishya? It is said in the scriptures that upadesa or instruction should not be given to the
1) The Covetus
2) The Mislery
3 The Fickle-Minded.
4) A person without devotion fo faith
5) One who does not care to render service to guru.
There are incidents in Baba's life to show how he adopted disciples. On one ocassion a rich man with Rs.250 in his pocket had heard that Baba could impart Brahmajana to any one he chose and would not demand payment for the upadesa. He engaged a carriage from the railway station to shirdi and back. On arrival at shirdi he told the carriage driver he would be back in few hours and went into the mosque and saw Baba . He told Baba he had come for Brahmajana and wanted it immediately as though it was a parcel to be handed over across a counter in a shop. Baba told him he understood his need and asked a boy who was near him to get a loan of Rs. 5 from a moneylender on his behalf. The boy returned after a few minutes saying that the moneylender was not to be found. The boy was again sent with a similar demand to some other moneylenders and he came back with the same reply - not to be found. In this way half an hour had elapsed and the rich visitor was getting impatient and afraid that the carriage driver would not demand for the delay. He thought of lending the money Baba wanted but was not sure if it could be recovered and so he gave up that idea. He then asked Baba why he was delaying giving him UPadesa. Baba asked him :'' Have you understood nothing? I have been all the while trying to impress you with Brahmajana.You see, i want five things surrendered to me. The five are manas (mind) buddhi( reason), ahankar (ego), chitta (thought) and will. unless a man thoroughly surrenders himself and is free from the love of money and love of worldly things he cannot attain Brahmajnana. When the dawn comes there will be light and not earlier. The visitor then realised that Baba had read his mind and that he was to avaricious ever to get Brahmajnana.
For Baba , two things necessary for a good shishya were " Nishta" (faith) and "Saburi "(patience). Baba said his guru asked him for dakshina of two paise and when he gave the coin to him he was satisfied. Explaining nishta Baba said no progress could be made by any shishya who had no faith in his guru or in the scriptures, vedic mantras, etc. No guru would accept a sishya eho lacked the proper attitude and spirit and betrayed lack of faith. Unless a man had the necessary humility he could not approach the guru. A guru had to test a newcomer to make sure that he had or would soon have sufficient humility and respectivity. If one did not have sufficient faith in his guru he would not accept the guru said. It has been said that mantras do not bear fruit unless the one who chants them has faith in him.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harishchandra Pitale's son

Pitale was a resident of Bombay . His son was suffering from fits. He was given all types of medicines without any relief. After hearing the Hari Katha of Baba remembered by Das Ganu, he came to shirdi in 1910 with his son. He visited Baba in the Mosque and prostrated before him. He put his son near Baba's feet. Baba looked for sometime with concentration at the boy. The boy lost consciousness and fell on the floor. Foam began to come out of his mouth and he perspired profusely, with the temperature of the body going below normal. On seeing the condition of the boy, the parents were very much worried. The boy's mother started weeping . Then Baba told her not to weep but to take the boy to the room and he would be all right in half an hour. After taking the boy to the Wada the boy regained consciousness, from that day onwards the boy did not get fits. While leaving shirdi, pitale went to see Baba who told him " Brother, I had given you two rupees on a previous ocassion and now I am giving you three rupees. Keep them in your puja room and worship them. " since pitale had come to shirdi for the first time, he could not understand how Baba could have given him two rupees earlier. After he reached home, whne he narrated this to his old mother, she told him that in the same manner as he had taken his son to shirdi , His( Pitale's ) father had taken him to akalkot Mahraj. He had given him two rupees and asked him to keep them in the puja room and worship them. His father had worshipped them till his death and the worship had stopped after that. from this story it is clear that sai Baba was Akalkot Maharaj.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Baba protected Mahlsapathy in many ways and always kept a watch on his life and doings. He warned him even of small trifling things in time to save him from harm. Shirdi was infested with snakes and one vening as mahlsapathy was leaving the mosque Baba told him he was likely to meet two " thieves" on the way. Mahlsapathy indeed found one snake at his doorstep and the other at the neigbour's house. On another day Baba told him: " When you return come with a lamp for you will find a thief at the gate . Mahlsapathy who came with lamp found a snake as foretold by Baba and it was killed with the help of neighbours. On eday Baba warned him: " Don't put your back against the earth." Ignoring the advice Mahlsapathy who had too much drink slumped to the ground losing consciousness. His back was on the ground. When he became conscious Mahlsapathy found he could not bend his legs and his daughter had to massage his knees and legs.Thereafter he was able to walk and when he met Baba he asked him: " Did I not tell you not to put your back against the earth? " Once mahlsapathy 's wife and children fell ill and othere relatives also followed suit. Baba said to Mahlsapathy : " Let the sick people keep to bed." And walking round the mosque with a short stick in hand Baba waved it and threatened someone. " Come, whatever your power may be, let us ee. I shall show you what I can do with my chota stick if you come out and face me. " He warned some unknownobject. It was Baba's way of treating a disease. Meanwhile a doctor gave medicines to Mahlsapathy to be given to his family members who were ill. Mahlsapathy consulted Baba who asked him not to give the medicine. As a result all the members of the family got well without the medicines.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Government official

A Government official in Delhi and his wife had purchased tickets to and from to shirdi. When they alighted at kopargaon they went to the station master for reservation of berths for the return journey. The station master said the position was difficult and asked them to complete the visit and come back and he would see what could be done. While returning to kopargaon afetr visiting shirdi the husband lost his purse in which he had kept the tickets while travelling in the bus. He reported the matter to the station master and requested him to give duplicate tickets and reservation . The station master regretted his inabilityto do as the rules did not permit it. But seeing their plight he offered to purchase the tickets for them spending from his own pocket and they could repay him after returning to delhi. How ever the couple manage to recollect enough money for the fare on their own and reached delhi safely. The official wrote a letter to the railway authorities describing the loss of the tickets on the return journey and his purchase of new ones. He asked for the refund journey since the tickets had not been produced. This was in july. To his great astonishment five months later he received a letter from the railway authorities stating that after examining the case they had decided to give him a refund as claimed by him. curiously enough there was no refernce in the letter to their previous rejection of his request. Baba's lilas are truly strange and unpredictable.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

108 Names of Sai Baba with meanings

1) Om Hrudhayagranthivarijithaya Namaha !
Who was free from Hridayagranthi.
2) Om Kshipraprasadhadhatare Namaha !
Who grants boon very quickly.
3) Om Sukesu vigathasprughaya Namaha !
Who had no desire or Joy-even when he experienced it.
4) Om Siddhayavanmukhaya Namaha !
Who was indifferent to the acquistion of siddhies.
5) Om sayidhevaya Namaha !
Sai Deva ( Lord sai)
6) Om Svemahimni prathistithaya Namaha !
Who is established in his own Greatness.
7) Om siddha Sankalpaya Namaha !
Whose very idea becomes a realised fact.
8)Om Sayiramaya Namaha !
Sayee Rama
9) Om sadhu Poshakaya Namaha !
Who feeds and supports the good.
10) Om Akhandasachidanandhaya Namaha !
Om . I bow to him . Who is perfect Satchitananda.
11) Om Adhidaivaya Namaha!
Who presides over Gods.
12) Om Adhyakshaya Namaha !
Who presides.
13) Om Adhistanaya Namaha !
Who is the substratum.
14) Om Ananthanamane Namaha !
Who has numberless names.
15) Om Abhimanathidhuraya Namaha !
Who is devoid of conceit.
16) Om Aprathiestadhatre Namaha !
Who grants desired objects even before they are prayed for
17) Om Aparvruth Namaha !
Who has thrown open the door of mercy.
18) Om Apam Puspanibhodhakaya Namaha !
Whose body is etheral.
19) Om Amarthyaya Namaha !
Who is immortal .
20) Om Avatharitha Sarvessaya Namaha !
Who is God's Avtar .
21) Om Aristagnaya Namaha !
Who overcomes inauspicious influences.
22) Om Avadhiritha Vaibhavaya Namaha !
Who disdains wealth and power.
23) Om Avisistaya Namaha !
Who is undifferentiated.
24) Om Avangmanasa gocharaya Namaha !
Who is beyond the reach of speech or thought.
25) Om Avyahrutha Sukhapradhaya Namaha !
Who bestows ineffable bills.
26) Om Asakyasakyakarthre Namaha !
Who achieves the impossible.
27 ) Om Asangadhrudha sasthrabhruthe Namaha !
Who wears the powerful weapon of Asanga.
28) Om Aksina sowhrdhaya Namaha !
Whose love and friendship are unflagging.
29) Om Athmaramaya Namaha !
Whose garden is his soul.
30) Om Athmanandha Prakasaya Namaha !
Who beams with the bliss of Atman.
31) Om Acharyaparamaya Namaha !
Who regarded Guru as supreme.
32) Om Ichchdhina jagathsarvaya Namaha !
Whose will is supreme all over the world.
33) Om Arthathrana Parayana Namaha !
Whose objective is the relief of the distress.
34) Om Ayurarogya Namaha !
Who grants health and length of life.
35) Om Ananda Pradhya Namaha !
Who bestows bliss.
36) Om Isaradhana Namaha !
Who was ever after the worship of God.
37) Om Indhu sithale bhasine Namaha !
Whose speech is a gratifying and cooling as the moon says.
38) Om Vedhenthambhuja suraya Namaha !
Who like a sun in the heart of the devotees.
39) Om Visvabhavana Bhavithaya Namaha !
Who was endowed with the faculty of identifying himself with all.
40) Om Vaihayasa Namaha !
Who could travel through the sky.
41) Om Vitharaga bhayakrodhaya Namaha !
Who had no desires no fear no anger.
42) Om Srikantaya Namaha !
Who is Srikanata.
43) Om Suklambaradharaya Namaha !
Who wore white robes.
44) Om Sithalavak Namaha !
Whose words were sweet liek nectar.
45 ) Om Siddhesaya Namaha !
Lord of physic power.
46) Om Siddhidhaya Namaha !
Who confer siddhis ( power)
47) Om Sarva bhuthantharathmane Namaha !
Who is in the hearts of all creatures.
48) Om Sadasrayaya Namaha !
Who is the resort of the God.
49) Om Sathya narauanaya Namaha !
Who is satya Narayana!
50) Om Bhajatham suhrudhe Namaha !
The friend of those who are devoteed.
51) Om Bhakthathyantha hithausadhaya Namaha !
Who is the most benefecial remedy of devotees.
52) Om Pramanathitha Chinumurthaya Namaha !
Who is the pure consciousness needing no otside proof of its existence.
53) Om Prasasthavache Namaha !
Whose words are praise worthy.
54) Om Prathyaksha dhevathamurthaya Namaha !
Who is the visible embodiment of divinity.
55) Om purvajaya Namaha !
Who had no desires to gratify.
56) Om Premadhaya Namaha !
Who can be influenced by Prema.
57) Om Bhudhajanavanaya Namaha !
Who protects the Wise.
58) Om Brahmaandhaya Namaha !
Who is the supreme bliss.
59) Om Bhathathyantha Namaha !
Who is the best among the knowers of Brahmin.
60) Om Bhagavathe Namaha !
The Bhagavan ( God)
61)) Om Bhakta Vathsalaya Namaha !
Who was fond of Devotees.
62) Om Bhakthanurgraha Namaha !
Who was anxious to fravour devotees.
63) Om Bhajathamistaka madhule Namaha !
Who grants the desires of the devotees.
64) Om Bhadramarya Namaha !
Who guide (us) on a safe path.
65) Om Bhayanasanaya Namaha !
Who removes fear.
66) Om Ajaya Namaha!
Who is unborn.
67) Athinamara svabhavakaya Namaha !
Who was very humble.
68) Om Arganya Namaha !
Who is the foremust.
69) Om Ajanama sthithi nasaya Namha !
Who has no birth, life and Death.
70) Om Anatha parirakshakaya Namaha !
Who protects the unprotected.
71) Om Anathaya Namaha !
Who is Endless.
72) Om Anuvarthitha venkusaya Namaha !
Who is the disciple of venkatesa.
73) Om Anadhruthasta siddhaye Namaha !
Who regarded not even the 8 siddhis.
74) Om Antarhrdhaya Akasaya Namaha !
Who is the Akasa (ether ) in the heart.
75) Om Astavarga mayaya Namaha !
Who is himself heaven.
76) Om Antharyamine Namaha !
The Dwelling Soul.
77) Om Aprapanchaya Namaha !
Who is beyond samsara.
78) Om Abhimanathi dhuraya Namaha !
Who is devoid of conceit.
79) Om Avisistaya Namaha !
Who is undifferentiated.
80) Om Avyaja Karunasindhave Namaha !
Who is an ocean of true mercy.
81) Om Avakpuni padhorave Namaha !
Who has no vocal organs , hands , feet, or thigh.
82) Om Aksina sowhrdhaya Namaha !
Whose love and friendship are unflagging.
83) Om Acharayaparamaya Namaha !
Who regarded guru as supreme.
84) Om Adhithyamadhyavarthine Namaha !
Who is the centre of the sun.
85) Om Aprikagathavaidhyaya Namaha !
Who granted Paramaananda.
86) Om Nirakaraya Namaha !
Who was formless.
87) Om Nithyasathvasthaya Namaha !
Who was always in satwa guna.
88) Om Nirapekshaya Namaha !
Who had no desires.
89) Om Niranjanaya Namaha !
Who was free from sun.
90) Om Paramacharyaya Namaha !
Who is the highest teacher acharya .
91) Om Paramesvaraya Namaha !
Who is the supreme personal God.
92) Om Purnaya Namaha !
Who is perfect.
93) Om Pinyasravana Kirthanaya Namaha !
Destructive of sin.
94 ) Om Brahmavadhine Namaha !
Whose fame was great.
95) Om Nirasaya Namaha !
Who had no longings.
96) Om Nisprudhaya Namaha !
Who had no desires.
97) Om Nithyathrupthaya Namaha !
Who was always happy and blessed.
98) Om Nama varjithaya Namaha !
Who had no proper Name.
99) Om Narayana paraya Namaha !
Who was wholly devoteed to God.
100) Om Nathajanavanaya Namaha !
Who protected the decvotees.
101) Om Sri sai yogindra Vanditya Namaha !
We surrender to sai who is revered by the masters of yoga.
102) Om Sri sai sarva siddhi pradaya Namaha !
Who grants all accomplishments and success.
103) Om Apan Nivarine Namaha !
Who prevents misfortune.
104) Om Arthi haraya Namaha !
Who removes physical and mental distress.
105) Om Shanta Murtaye Namaha !
Who is the Embodiment of peace.
106) Om Sulabha Prasannaya Namaha !
Who is easy to please.
107) Om Dharmajnaya Namaha !
Who knew Dharma.
108) Om Dhanadhena Samathyagaya Namaha !
Who gave gifts Kubera the God of Wealth.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meaning of 55

Sadguru Sai Baba gave Rs.55 to Phalke , by which he may have conveyed the transient nature of this world or sansara. On the other hand, He may have conveyed the sara or gist of the Vedas. Shri Krishna while giving updesh to Arjuna from the Bhagwad Gita Says ," This World or Universe is like the Ashwatha Vriksha. Whose roots are down. This Vriksha is everlasting . The vedas are the leaves. One who knows this knows the Vedas." The entire universe is compared to the Ashwatha Vriksha, although this trees does not yield any flowers or fruit, yet it is compared to the universe. Why ? because it represents and reflects all the characteristics of the universe, the body and life itself.
The very name "Ashwatha " Indiacates the transient existence of this worldly life. Every fraction of the second is not constant and is changing. The word possibly comes from Ashwa or the horse . The horse is vivacious and restless by nature. If one adds all the digits from one to ten it is equal to Fifty-Five

Monday, January 19, 2009

Malleswaram temple of saibaba

In Malleswaram ( Bangalore ) there, is a Sai Baba temple which is run with devotees support. There occured an incident which was narrated by the temple committee president, Mr Murthy, and the secretary, Dr Nagesh. Thet said the management received numeous pictures of Baba for being installed in the temple and it became a problem how to accomodate them in the limited space of the temple. Therefore it was decided not to accept any more pictures of Baba and this decision was announced on the noticeboard. Shortly after the anniversary of the temple was being celebrated. As the functions connected with the celebration were going on a sadhu, hugging a big potrait of Baba, suddenly barged into the temple and told those present." This picture must be installed here." He placed the picture in thier midst and walked away as swiftly as he had come. No one knew who he was and where he came from and why he wanted the picture to be installed there. Try as they might the temple officials could find no trace of him afterwards. The management decided that the portrait should be installed in the Meditation Hall and this was done.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vishnu Ghati

Vishnu Ghati was a Devotee of Dada Maharaj . He lived in a small village called Mutata, which was in vijay Durg. Every thursday he visited Patgaon. After taking darshan of Maharaj he would invite him to his home. And every time maharaj would say he would come, but it never came to pass. This went on for a long time . One thursday Vishnu Ghate after darshan said," Maharaj tell me for sure whether you will visit my home or not ? Let me know one way to the other." Maharaj said," I will surely visit your home in fifteen days. In the meantime you go to shirdi." So vishnu Ghate made all arrangements and went to take permession from Dada Maharaj. Dada Maharaj while sending him off gave him two packets of peda. Maharaj said ," Give the larger packets of pedas to Baba, and the smaller packet you share with your family. Also do not keep your money in one pocket. For its stolen you will loose your all money.
He went to home to pack his bags. In the excitment he packed the smaller packets of pedas in the baggage. Then he distributed the larger packet to all the members in his family. As it would have taken him many days to reach Shirdi, Dada advised him to place his money in various pockets . But when he reached Mumbai, he forgot what maharaj had advised and placed all his money in one packet.
On reaching Shirdi he went to the Dwarkamai for Baba's darshan. There was a large gathering of devotees around Baba. Nonetheless he managed to go to the sanctum sanctroum. After doing namaskar to Baba he handed the packet of pedas to Him. Baba took the packet and looked at it from every side, and the in anger shouted, " Arre you ate up My Packet of pedas which was larger of the two. Now you are trying to palm off this packet on Me?"
A volley of abuses followed this then Baba said," Rascal do i owe anything to your father ? Why do you keep calling me to your home? Do you think I have nothing else to do ? Remember this you will have to bear the consequences! If you want , you come here! you need to be taught a lesson." Then Baba took the money that he had in his pocket, which in fact was all the money he had. Then Baba said ," You don't know how great My Bala is ! He is shankar. He is Dutta. He is your only refuge. Now go tomorrow."
Vishnu trembled with fear. He wondered how Baba knew that he had asked Dada Maharaj to visit his home! In a flash he realised that though Dada lived far away, yet Baba and he were in communication. And he Vishnu was just a puppet whose strings were in Dada's hands. He also got an insight of Baba's omnipresence.
He fell at Baba's feet and begged forgiveness saying," Baba I am your child have mercy on me. You are my mother, so give me refuge at your feet." Hearing his piteous cry Baba's heart melted and he stroked his back and hugged hin and asked him to sit in the sabha mandap-. His stomach started rumbling with hunger, and he had no money. While leaving mumbai he had put all his money in one pocket; forgetting the advice given by Dada. He was in a fix, he knew no one here and he had no money even to buy a return a ticket. Just than a well dressed gentleman came and sat next to him and casually conversed with him.Vishnu was suroprised when he said that he was going to mumbai so vishnu should accomapny him. Then he said ," Now lets go and have a lunch. Then we will rest and leave for mumbai in the morning." He took care of vishnu's every need and was a gracious host. The next morning they left for mumbai. At mumbai, Vishnu was surprised that his gracious host was lost in the crowd. Vishnu stayed in mumbai for two days then returned home.
The day after he reached home, he went to patgaon. He took darshan of Dada Maharaj and fell at his feet and said" Maharaj if you wanted to teach me a lesson, why couldn't you have taught it to me here." Dada Maharaj replied ," only a goldsmith should pierce the ear," Thus vishnu realised how much regard Maharaj had for Baba. He remained devoted to both of them.
In 1941, on the sixth of kartik month Dada Maharaj took Samadhi.

Friday, January 16, 2009


"Saipatham means the path shown to us by Sri Saibaba, the path he trod himself. It is the highway to the destination, which again is Sai. The Sai path is not bound by the traditions of any one religion but is the universal path followed and taught by all the great spiritual masters. In short, the path of Sai is the Sadguru path." -- Sri Babuji

Saipatham is the path of Sai as exemplified and expounded by our beloved Guruji, Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji. For thousands around the globe Sri Babuji is their guiding spirit along this path. His approach is to bring us to the essence of Baba, whose life was an expression of universal love and compassion and the timeless values of tolerance and brotherhood. A master of the highest order, Sai Baba manifested and keeps manifesting in fullness the rare fusion of power, love and knowledge.

Saipatham is the path of love. At its core lies the total unconditional love from the Sadguru, which ennobles and uplifts the devotee. It fosters the preparedness to shed the shackles of ingrained patterns and yield readily to the loving care of the Sadguru, to his guidance and example. "Baba is the path as well as the goal", says Sri Babuji. His own life exemplifies this complete and undivided reliance on Sai Baba and his grace. Sri Babuji's speech, thought and action are constantly turned and tuned to Baba, submerged in love at his feet. It is this love which is the very fabric of Saipatham.
No symbols of any religion nor images of any gods or goddesses are seen around Sri Babuji except that of Sri Sai Baba. No other name is chanted except the name of Sai Baba. He stresses the need for undivided emotional focus on one's object of adoration and makes it clear that there is no need for a Sai devotee to resort to any other means and rituals. Reliance on Baba's grace - and grace alone - is the essence of the Saipatham and the uniqueness of its pure expression.
Saipatham is a way of life, an attitude and a state of mind. "Spirituality is discovering the art of living", Sri Babuji says, "Skilful living can be learned and cultivated but the art of living is different. It is the spontaneous and full participation in life, which springs forth from love". He explains that "Saipatham is a path of life which has Baba as its center. A life in which our thoughts, actions and our whole way of living revolve around Baba. Just as a creeper winds around a pole, our life should revolve around Sri Sai. And like the creeper, that is climbing its way to the top, is taking support from the pole, we too must seek support, strength and security from Sai."
"A sadguru uses his power with unconditional love and compassion to help us reach our destination", says Sri Babuji. And Saipatham is the celebration of the power of the Sadguru, that supreme alchemist, who turns the basest amongst us to gold.

Gangagir baba

There was a famous saint called “Gangagir baba”. He came to shirdi and watched our sai from distance . This young lad with great hardships in the hot sun, took water from the well, carried two pots in his hands and walked towards the present samadhi mandhir surface where there was a Neem tree to water it. Gangagir Baba never even spoke to our young sai …He just noticed this work of sai for welfare of the shirdi people and asked the village folks “When did this person come here ? He is a pure gem. He has great worthiness . It is the great good fortune of the village that you have acquired this gem” . Then Gangagir baba met our sai and they both talked for a while with love. It was around 1857 ( approx ) Sai baba ( the young lad ) disappeared from shirdi. No body knew where he went.Please friends avoid to trust stories speaking about where sai baba would have gone. Always take sai satcharita written by hamadpant alone as the main source of shirdi saibaba’s life. Sai himself never wanted us to know about his birth and what he did before he appeared in shirdi. Few say hes born as Brahmin and few that he’s Muslim and few say he would have born by Gods grace and not in the womb. Personally i feel Sai baba of shirdi as a Messenger of God and God himself but Sai never never never even once mentioned or accepted him as God. This shows how humble is our sai contradictory to the present day Gurus coming up in india and abroad like mushrooms. Sai has said he is “a servant of God ” and when asked how devotees are benefited through him he humbly said ”

I have abundant blessings of my Guru and by his Grace the difficulties of the devotees are removed and they are benefitted” …. Later in 1858 the same young boy came again to shirdi with Chandpatils marriage procession. When he got down from the cart infront of the Kandoba temple ( the village diety ) the priest of the temple Mahalsapathi welcomed the fakir saying This is how the young boy got the name Sai Baba - meaning Saintly father….sai meaning “saint of saints” and Baba meaning father. Now Sai baba started doing few works for welfare of shirdi village and the people .Sai led a very simple life. Sai used to stay most of his time in the dilapilated Masjid ….roam all over the village but never went beyond neamgoan.During his life time in Shirdi Sai never wanted or wished to leave the village. Now a days people call themselves as SadGuru/saint but roaming around the globe to gather crowd but look at how simple our sai has been.

Sai kept quiet in shirdi leading a simple life like a poor fakir in the masjid which he called as “Dwarakamai” .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saibaba poem

Mushkile aati hai,
Pareshaniya aati hai.
Zindagi jeena voh,
Hamko sikhaati hai.
Raat huyi hai,
To din jarur aayega.
Jo hai aaj pareshan,
Kal sakoon jarur paayega.
Allah barha meharbaan,
Va rahamdil hai.
Ek na ek din,
Voh raah jarur dikhayega.
Mera maalik hai Sai Baba,
Abhi voh chup hai.
Tum dekhna ek din,
Voh apna jalwa jarur dikhayega.
Hai barosa Sai par,
Uski rahmat barsegi.
Khushi ka paigaam aayega,
Meri kishmat bhi chamkegi.

Translation of these poem

Difficulties & problems come.They educate us
how to live life.
*The night has just ended.There will be certainly
dawn thereafter.Whosoever is disturbed today,
will certainly get peace tomorrow.
*Allah (God) is very compasionate & kind
heatred.One day or other He will certainly
show us the path.
* master (Swami) is Sai Baba.At present He
is keeping silence.You see one day,He will
certainly show His divine power of magic.
* trust & believe in Sai.His kindness will shower.
The message of happiness will be received.
My luck will also shine.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saibaba's assurances

  1. Whosoever puts their feet on Shirdi soil, their sufferings will come to an end.
  2. The wretched and miserable will rise to joy and happiness as soon as they climb the steps of My Samadhi.
  3. I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body.
  4. My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.
  5. I shall be active and vigorous even from my tomb.
  6. My mortal remains will speak from My tomb.
  7. I am ever living to help and guide all who come to Me, who surrender to Me and who seek refuge in Me.
  8. If you look at Me, I look at you.
  9. If you cast your burden on Me, I shall surely bear it.
  10. If you seek My advice and help, it shall be given to you at once.
  11. There shall be no want in the house of My devotee.

Khadaws ( Sanyasi's wooden foot wear)

Baba walked about in shirdi bare foot thus sanctifying the soil by walking on it. But He did give Khadaws to a few devoteed. All materialistic things like Kanchan ( gold or wealth) , Kamini ( women and vice) , Bhumi ( land and property) should be stamped out of the mind by these wooden khadaw.
Kaka dixit was fortunate to receive khadaws from Baba. At that period of his life he had already attained an ascetic frame of mind. Baba made him stay in solitude on the top floor of his wada. Where he meditated and studied various religious books . Thus Baba confirmed his approval by giving him Khadaws.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dwarkamai and Baba

"Hech Aapuli Dwarkamai Matha Mashidiche ye aaki baisatha lakhru dehi nirbhaysth" [ Roughly translated - This is our Dwarka Matha. The children who come amd sit in this masjid should have no fear] Baba said that his Dwarkamai was "Mota Kripalu" [Tremendously compassioante] and the bhakta could easily cross the ocean [ beda paar ] of life. It was Baba perceived the desires and longings of the devotees and granted their wishes.
Let me try to decipher the meanings and symbols of the Dwarkamai and Baba's sojourn in Shirdi. He who made this cosmos live in this dilapidated mosque . From where wvwn the lizards ran away and took refuge elsewhere. Thus implying that only a roof is necessary to give us protection from the elements. And one does not need a huge palatial building to live in. As one enter the sanctorum ; one finds Baba sitting facing the south, He is Dakshinamoorty. This south faced Guru Symbolises the fact that a man of realisation has transcended time. That the Guru's Grace [ As his inner realisation] is being showered on the devotees who are caught in the net of Yama, the lord of death. The guru leads the disciple to immortality. The siouth is the speacial domain of Yama. Yama means control. It can be self control as well as limitation over one's capacity.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saibaba devotion

1) Shravan : Hearing divines stories and reading the puranas

2) Kirtan : Singing devotional songs in praise of the greatness of God.

3) Smaran : To recollect what one had heard through Shravan, and - always remembering them.

4) Pada Seva : Worship of the feet and prostration.

5) Archana : Different kinds of rituals performed daily.

6) Namaskar : Bowing the head in respect, and salutation.

7) Dasya : Doing service to God like a servant.

8) Sakhyatva : Considering God as a friend and making Friendship.

9) Atma Nivedan : Surrendering one's life and Atma to God.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Shirdi Sai Baba temple, second richest in country

The Famous Shirdi Sai Baba shrine in Maharashtrahas become the second richest countryin terms of income after the Balaji templein tirupati trustees said on friday.
The temple has collected Rs 81 crore in cash, 920 kgs of gold and 440 kgs of silver in the form of donations during 2008, creating a record, Ashok Khambekar, a trustee of Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, said.

The temple also collected a record amount of close to Rs four crore and fifteen lakh in its cash donation box between December 29, 2008 and January six, 2009, Khambekar said.

During 2007, about 104 kgs of gold, 235 kgs of silver and Rs 60 crore in cash was received by the temple through donations, he said.
The trust, which was formed in 1992, has an annual budget of Rs 200 crore which is used for development works such as construction of hospitals, new buildings and roads in and around Shirdi, Khambekar said adding a super speciality hospital and a 'prasadalaya' (dining hall) had already been constructed.

Hari Kanoba

Here is a story of a man who did not believe in Baba and wanted to test him. HIs name was Hari Kanoba. He wore a lace-bordered turban and had a new pairs of sandals. He went to shirdi and had darshan of Baba. When he started to leave the mosque and searched for his new sandals he found they had dissappeared . He returned to his lodge disappointed and even when he offered puja and naivedya before his meals he could think only of his missing sandals. Then after finishing his meals he came with some others to portico of the House. They saw a boy with stick on which was tied up a pair of sandals. He was calling out the name of Hari Kanoba and giving a description of him and the name of his father and asking him to claim his sandals. Hari stopped the boy and told him he was the man he was looking for. The boy told him he had been sent by Baba to hand over the sandals to him. HAri wondered how Baba knew his name and that of his father and also about the lace turban and other features of his dress given out by the boy. He no longer disbelieved Baba's miraculous power . Baba had passed his test

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Das Ganu Maharaj

Das Ganu Maharaj , he became greately attached to baba who made him understand things which others normally could not understand. Baba helped him on special ocassions when Ganu wanted to write a Marathi commentary on Amritanubhava, a famous Marathi religious treatise. He had been told this was not possible but he prayed to Baba and Got his blessings. He wrote and completed the commentary. It was so good that it was prasied even by his critics. He then wanted to translate tha Isavaya Upanishad into Marathi but was again discouraged by some people who told him the upanishad was very difficult to translate. He went to Baba who said there could be no difficulty and asked him to go to Kaka Dixits residence where the servantmaid, Malkarni , would give him the meaning ( of the Upanishad). Ganu went ti Dixits as directed and in the morning heard a girl singing in great ecstasy. She was singing about the beauty of an orange-coloured silk sari and going into raptures about its floral embroidery and boreders. To his surprise he found the girl was wearing a rag and there was no silk sari on her body. Talking pity on her Ganu asked a friend to buy her a cheap sari. Malkarni wore it for a day andthrew it away the next day and Ganu found her again in a tattered Dress and singing in ecstasy the song in the silk sari.
Ganu then understand the meaning of the Upanishad. He realised the girl's happiness lay not in the external sari which she had thrown away but in herself. And the Upanishad said the same thing." All the world", says the first verse of the Upanishad " is covered by the maya of Iswara. So enjoy bliss noy by having the externals but by rejecting the externals. The Girl, Ganu saw, was happy as she was and contended. Thus Baba taught him the upanishad thriugh a servantmaid.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Waman Narvekar

Waman Narvekar once gave Baba a rupee coin. On one side of it was engraved the figures of Rama , Sita and Lakshman. On the other side there was the figures of Maruthi. With folded hands the devotee handed it over to Baba in the hope that he would bless it and return it to him. But Baba pocketed it. Shama who was nearby told Baba of the devotees intention to worship the coin consecrated by Baba and requested it to be returned to the devotee. Baba said : " Why should it to be returned to him? We should keep it ourselves, if he gives Rs. 25 it would be returned to him." When these amount was placed before Baba he said :" Tha value of this rupee far exceeds that of RS.25. Let us have the rupee in our store." Baba told shama:" Keep this in your shrine and worship it." No one had the courage to ask Baba why he did what he did

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Never Forget the Guru's advice

A Guru is aware of his disciples capabilities and instructs him accordingly. Therefore, a disciple shhould only stick to instructions given by his Guru personally to him. Other saints teachings, advice given by the Guru to other disciples, the Guru's own behaviour, whether observed or described, should not be followed.
" One should not disrespect other saints words but (remember) who else can take better care than our own mother?"
" If any other saint tells something , one should listen to his words, but one should stick to the advice given by one's own Guru only."
" A Doctor prescribes medicines and gives relevant instructions according to the diagnosis of the disease. Similarly , a sadguru( spiritual Guide and mentor) prescibes advice to his disciple who is sick of cares and pains, ills and turmoils of worldly existence according to the level of his sickness."
" You should not do anything because your Guru does so, but should follow only whatever has been told you personally to him."
" Always remember the Guru's words and meditate on them constantly. Remeber always that those words only will lead you to final salvation."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Baba's Padukas Under the Neem Tree

Dr.Rama Rao Kotari was resident of Bombay. he came to shirdi in 1912, got attached to Baba and was in shirdi for a number of days . He made friends with Dixit Chandorkar , Shama and others who were with Baba. While discussing matters , they thought that it would be befitting if Baba's padukas got carved in stone and put under the neem tree in commemoration of his first visit to shirdi when she sat under the neem tree. Dr. Kotari sent padukas carved out of stone from bombay. During that period Upasani Baba was staying at khandoba temple. As per his advise, the padukas were brought in a procession on the full- moon day in the month of shravana. That morning at 11 0' clock Dixit brought the padukas, carrying them on his head.
From Khandoba temple the procession with musical instruments playing came up to Dwarkamai and after taking the blessings of Baba they were brought to the neem tree and installed under it. The Sai Mahima Shloka Sada Nimba Vrukshaya Muladhi written by Upasani Baba was also carved there. From that day onwards Puja was being regularly done in Gurusthan. If Devotees clean the place and burn incense and dhoop on thursdays , they will get the blessings of God. This was personally told by Baba.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Khushal chand of Rahata

Baba loved Khushal chand of Rahata very much. When Sometimes he went to Rahata with devotees, Khushal chand welcomed Baba frpm entrance to Rahata with drums, cymbals and other musical instruments and took them in a procession. He arranged food for All others also. After taking food, Baba and Khushal chand would discuss several matters. Similarly, Baba used to go up to Neemgaon and kopargaon ocassionally. He never went beyond these places. But he did Know of the happenings at the far off places.
One evening Baba asked Kaka Dixit to go to Rahata and fetch Khushal chand, he had not seen since a long time. When Dixit went to Rahata in a tonga to fetch Khushal chand, he found him already getting ready to come to shirdi. Khushal chand told Dixit that Baba had appeared in his dream in the afternoon and asked himto come to shirdi and therefore he was getting ready . So both of them started for shirdi in the tonga brought by Dixit. Khushal Chand was overwhelmed with joy at the way Baba showed his love for him.

Sadashiv Tarkhad

Sadashiv worked as a manager in a factory in Bombay. After the factory was closed , he did nor have any means of livelihood and so he came to see Baba. At that time, Tatya Patil and others were going to Ahmednagar to see a cinema, with the permisssion of Baba. Baba asked them to take Tarkhad also along with them for the cinemaand from there to proceed to Poona. Tarkhad who wasunemployed was surprised at being sent to the cinema. But he knew that no one should go against Baba's orders. So, he went to the cinema with the others. When he reached poona, he found that a factory owner who was trying to secure the services of a person as manager, had heard about him and sent a telegram to his Bombay address , and was waiting for his arrival. So he got the job immediately . Every advice of Baba was based on one's future.