Saturday, January 24, 2009

Government official

A Government official in Delhi and his wife had purchased tickets to and from to shirdi. When they alighted at kopargaon they went to the station master for reservation of berths for the return journey. The station master said the position was difficult and asked them to complete the visit and come back and he would see what could be done. While returning to kopargaon afetr visiting shirdi the husband lost his purse in which he had kept the tickets while travelling in the bus. He reported the matter to the station master and requested him to give duplicate tickets and reservation . The station master regretted his inabilityto do as the rules did not permit it. But seeing their plight he offered to purchase the tickets for them spending from his own pocket and they could repay him after returning to delhi. How ever the couple manage to recollect enough money for the fare on their own and reached delhi safely. The official wrote a letter to the railway authorities describing the loss of the tickets on the return journey and his purchase of new ones. He asked for the refund journey since the tickets had not been produced. This was in july. To his great astonishment five months later he received a letter from the railway authorities stating that after examining the case they had decided to give him a refund as claimed by him. curiously enough there was no refernce in the letter to their previous rejection of his request. Baba's lilas are truly strange and unpredictable.

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