Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Waman Narvekar

Waman Narvekar once gave Baba a rupee coin. On one side of it was engraved the figures of Rama , Sita and Lakshman. On the other side there was the figures of Maruthi. With folded hands the devotee handed it over to Baba in the hope that he would bless it and return it to him. But Baba pocketed it. Shama who was nearby told Baba of the devotees intention to worship the coin consecrated by Baba and requested it to be returned to the devotee. Baba said : " Why should it to be returned to him? We should keep it ourselves, if he gives Rs. 25 it would be returned to him." When these amount was placed before Baba he said :" Tha value of this rupee far exceeds that of RS.25. Let us have the rupee in our store." Baba told shama:" Keep this in your shrine and worship it." No one had the courage to ask Baba why he did what he did

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