Monday, January 26, 2009


Baba protected Mahlsapathy in many ways and always kept a watch on his life and doings. He warned him even of small trifling things in time to save him from harm. Shirdi was infested with snakes and one vening as mahlsapathy was leaving the mosque Baba told him he was likely to meet two " thieves" on the way. Mahlsapathy indeed found one snake at his doorstep and the other at the neigbour's house. On another day Baba told him: " When you return come with a lamp for you will find a thief at the gate . Mahlsapathy who came with lamp found a snake as foretold by Baba and it was killed with the help of neighbours. On eday Baba warned him: " Don't put your back against the earth." Ignoring the advice Mahlsapathy who had too much drink slumped to the ground losing consciousness. His back was on the ground. When he became conscious Mahlsapathy found he could not bend his legs and his daughter had to massage his knees and legs.Thereafter he was able to walk and when he met Baba he asked him: " Did I not tell you not to put your back against the earth? " Once mahlsapathy 's wife and children fell ill and othere relatives also followed suit. Baba said to Mahlsapathy : " Let the sick people keep to bed." And walking round the mosque with a short stick in hand Baba waved it and threatened someone. " Come, whatever your power may be, let us ee. I shall show you what I can do with my chota stick if you come out and face me. " He warned some unknownobject. It was Baba's way of treating a disease. Meanwhile a doctor gave medicines to Mahlsapathy to be given to his family members who were ill. Mahlsapathy consulted Baba who asked him not to give the medicine. As a result all the members of the family got well without the medicines.

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