Friday, January 16, 2009

Gangagir baba

There was a famous saint called “Gangagir baba”. He came to shirdi and watched our sai from distance . This young lad with great hardships in the hot sun, took water from the well, carried two pots in his hands and walked towards the present samadhi mandhir surface where there was a Neem tree to water it. Gangagir Baba never even spoke to our young sai …He just noticed this work of sai for welfare of the shirdi people and asked the village folks “When did this person come here ? He is a pure gem. He has great worthiness . It is the great good fortune of the village that you have acquired this gem” . Then Gangagir baba met our sai and they both talked for a while with love. It was around 1857 ( approx ) Sai baba ( the young lad ) disappeared from shirdi. No body knew where he went.Please friends avoid to trust stories speaking about where sai baba would have gone. Always take sai satcharita written by hamadpant alone as the main source of shirdi saibaba’s life. Sai himself never wanted us to know about his birth and what he did before he appeared in shirdi. Few say hes born as Brahmin and few that he’s Muslim and few say he would have born by Gods grace and not in the womb. Personally i feel Sai baba of shirdi as a Messenger of God and God himself but Sai never never never even once mentioned or accepted him as God. This shows how humble is our sai contradictory to the present day Gurus coming up in india and abroad like mushrooms. Sai has said he is “a servant of God ” and when asked how devotees are benefited through him he humbly said ”

I have abundant blessings of my Guru and by his Grace the difficulties of the devotees are removed and they are benefitted” …. Later in 1858 the same young boy came again to shirdi with Chandpatils marriage procession. When he got down from the cart infront of the Kandoba temple ( the village diety ) the priest of the temple Mahalsapathi welcomed the fakir saying This is how the young boy got the name Sai Baba - meaning Saintly father….sai meaning “saint of saints” and Baba meaning father. Now Sai baba started doing few works for welfare of shirdi village and the people .Sai led a very simple life. Sai used to stay most of his time in the dilapilated Masjid ….roam all over the village but never went beyond neamgoan.During his life time in Shirdi Sai never wanted or wished to leave the village. Now a days people call themselves as SadGuru/saint but roaming around the globe to gather crowd but look at how simple our sai has been.

Sai kept quiet in shirdi leading a simple life like a poor fakir in the masjid which he called as “Dwarakamai” .

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Robert Mercer said...

Yes our Sai is the personification of Love humilty and generosity. He is very broad minded and knows every one and every thing. He wills us to do our best. He can still take physical form if he wishes and is unworried by the world. His soul is older than India itself! His face appears on the full moon world wide and always. He is our God!