Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Never Forget the Guru's advice

A Guru is aware of his disciples capabilities and instructs him accordingly. Therefore, a disciple shhould only stick to instructions given by his Guru personally to him. Other saints teachings, advice given by the Guru to other disciples, the Guru's own behaviour, whether observed or described, should not be followed.
" One should not disrespect other saints words but (remember) who else can take better care than our own mother?"
" If any other saint tells something , one should listen to his words, but one should stick to the advice given by one's own Guru only."
" A Doctor prescribes medicines and gives relevant instructions according to the diagnosis of the disease. Similarly , a sadguru( spiritual Guide and mentor) prescibes advice to his disciple who is sick of cares and pains, ills and turmoils of worldly existence according to the level of his sickness."
" You should not do anything because your Guru does so, but should follow only whatever has been told you personally to him."
" Always remember the Guru's words and meditate on them constantly. Remeber always that those words only will lead you to final salvation."

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