Sunday, February 22, 2009

Police cover for Sai Baba Paduka Darshan

Over a hundred security guardsand hundreds of policeman provide security to ensure peace and order during the one0and-half-day at shirdi shirdi sai baba darshan at campal Panaji.

Chairman of the Goa Pradesh Shree Sai Baba Paduka Darshan Sohala Samiti, Anil Counto, said that they are expecting over a lakh devotees to gather at the Bandodkar ground on Sunday, February 22, from all over Goa to catch a glimpse and pay their respects to the Sai Baba Paduka, which will arrive all the way from Shirdi.

Suresh Waable of the Saunsthan informed that the paduka will arrive in Goa on February 21at 4 pm, and will be welcomed by chief minister Digambar Kamat at Patradevi along with other cabinet ministers and MLAs.

On Sunday, the Paduka Darshan of Shirdi Sai Baba and Bhakti Sammelan will be organised at the grounds at Campal. Governor of Goa S S Sidhu and chief minister Digambar Kamat will be present for the ceremony.

Ashok Khambekar of the Shirdi Sai Saunstha said, "The paduka abhishek will take place on Sunday at 6 am. Thereafter, devotees will be allowed darshan up to 12 noon. At 6 pm Saanj aarti will be performed and Sez aarti at 10.30 pm."

Dr Ekanth Gadekar said, "At 4.30 pm on February 22 devotees will be offered Mahaprasad. We have made arrangements for 10,000 to stand in a queue at one time for the paduka darshan and 25,000 will be accommodated in the pandal at a time during the darshan."

The event is being organised by the Shirdi Sai Saunstha and Goa Pradesh Shree Sai Baba Paduka Darshan Sohala Samiti to celebrate 100 years of the first Sai Baba palki or palanquin that travelled from Dwarka Mai to Chawdi in Shirdi in 1909.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grinding of Wheat

It was in the year in 1910. Hemadpant came to shirdi . One day after washing his face , Baba sat in Dwarkamai and started grinding wheat . He lived on alms. He had never done the grinding before. So all whoe were nearby were looking with wonder at this. Four bold women went inside the mosque, and requesting Baba to sit aside, took the grinding stone and started grinding . Though Baba got angry at this he kept quiet, seeing their affection for him. On completion of the grinding work, the ladies divided the flour into four parts and wanted to take it for themselves. Baba, watching them calmly till then got angry and scolded them," Oh ladies! Are you crazy? Are you thinking that this flour is your property to take it? I never took any wheat from you. Then why are you taking this flour? He cooled down after a while and said," It is all right. Take the flour and sprinkle it on the boundaries of this village." The ladies bowed their heads in shame , touched Baba's feet , went quickly and sprinkled the flour on the boundaries of the village.The villagers told hemadpant that there was cholera in the village , and only to eradicate it Baba had done all this . Hemadpant did not understand the relationship between cholera and the wheat flour, but the epidemic in the village gradually subsided. Then Hemadpant cocluded that what Baba ground that day was not wheat , but the cholera epidemic which he had sent outside the boundaries of the village . after seeing this leela of Baba, Hemadpant desired to write the Life history of shirdi sai Baba, containing all the leelas and miracles of Baba . He sought the permission of Baba to write the book. But Baba asked him to wait for some time. In the year 1917 Hemadpant tried again through Shama. Baba blessed him and gave udi prasad. The life history of shirdi sai Baba which hemadpant started writing in Marathi language with the blessings of Sai Baba when he was alive, is read all over the world. This was translatesd into Telugu by Sri Pratti Narayana Rao.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fakir Madhu Shah

In the year 1913 , Maddhu shah, a resident of Meerin Village near jalgaon, came to Shirdi and requested Baba for Rs.700 which was urgently required for a good cause . At the instance of Baba, Jog gave Rs.700 in coins to two youths, Lakshman and Gulab with a direction to give this money to Maddhu Shah. But the youths gave only Rs.500 to the fakir, Maddhu shah, and kept for themselves the balance of RS.200.
Maddhu shah told Baba that he received only Rs.500 Baba appearing not to have taken note of it, gave the fakir udi as prasad and sent him away. The fakir travelled for about two miles and was near neemgaon, when a tahslidar named Erun Shah, passed in atonga. On seeing the fakir, he got down from the tonga, gave the food packet he was carrying and also Rs.200. The fakir took the money and food packet, and feeling very happy, continued his journey after some rest.
Erun shah the tahslidar, reached Shirdi and stayed in the house of Tatya Patil. He told him a dream he had. In his dream someone told him," come to shirdi in tonga. On your way near to neemgaon you will find a fakir with a tiger skin on him. GIve him Rs.200 and also some food.
Six Months after the above mentioned incident, the two youths, Lakshman and Gulab, came to Erun Shah and gave himm Rs.1,000 each in some other connection. That day again Erun shah had a dream. Someone told him in his dream," In your dream about six months back, as per my direction you gave a fakir of RS.200. Today, I am giving you ten times that." What moral we learn from this story is , Baba collected ten timed the amount from Lakshman and Gulab, which they had misappropriated, not carrying for Baba;s instructions and made the two youths pay to Erun Shah, who obeyed Baba's instructions, ten times the money he had paid to the fakir. Those who steal God's money will have to pay back ten times that during this birth or in the future. Under any circumstances one should be willing to spend for God but if one is tempted to take god's money then one will have to suffer.

Desiring Mantropadesa From Baba

An old Woman called Radha Bai Deshmukh treated Baba as her Guru and she wanted to have Mantropadesa and also Atma Sakshatkara. With this determined desire, she went to shirdi and requested Baba to teach her Mantras. But Baba kept silent. Then she went on a fast and decided not to take food or water till Baba taught her Mantras. Her fast continued for three days and she became very weak. Shama noticed this and fearing that Baba might get a bad name if anything happened to her, requested Baba to interfere in the matter and save the woman.
Thus Baba sent for her and told,'' Mother, I am like your child. You are like my mother.Why are you undergoing this agony and desiring wealth? I am a fakir. Show Kindness to me. My Guru was a great' Satpurusha'. When I approached him, he asked me two coins as dakshina. They are not ordinary coins. One is Shraddha (faith) and the other is Saburi (patience). Shraddha means faith , doing work correctly, and saburi means patience- equanimity in the face of difficulties. As soon as he asked for them, I improve these two qualities in me and gave them to my Guru as dakshina. He immediately got my head tonsured and accepted my dakshina.
" When my Guru was in mediatation I used to sit in front of him, and focus my eyes on his face, withour diverting it on other matters; this went on for days , forgetting hunger and thirst. He also used to look at me with love. On such occassions we used to be full of mutual love and happiness. I could not withstand our seperation even for a moment. There was no other goal for me except my Guru. I never carved for anything other than my Guru. He also desired to have my love only and nothing else. He used to radiate his affection on me always.
" I will never tell a lie sitting in this mosque. My Guru did not tell me any Mantra I cannot also give any advice to you. If you want to have me as your Guru, you must behave as I did in the case of my Guru. Keep me as the goal of your thoughts and ideals. see me with undeterred sincerity and I will also see you in the same manner. Some drawbacks and pressures in life will try to sepearte us. Withour yielding to such things you should exercise patience and be happy. Unless you act like this , you cannot reach your's life goal. You need not bother about the four kinds of practices six Shastras or eight kibds of yoga. With strong devotion, if you serve your Guru that is enough. This is the only true thing that my guru taught me.''
These nectar-like words of Baba changed the heart of the old woman and she gave up the fast . That day Baba made her sit next to him and eat her food.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Butty Wada

Sreeman Butty, with the help of shama, kaka saheb dixit and others, had produced the material required for the construction of the wada, and engaged the required workers. They decided to commence the work on 30 december 1913 with the laying of the foundation stone. Baba also agreed to this. The construction started. Shama was supervising . The underground structure, the outside structure and digging the well were completed. Baba also saw the construction work daily on his way to Lendi Bagh and back to the mosque. Sometimes Baba would indicate some alterations and give some suggestions. Slowly the workers also developed devotion and faith in Baba. They saluted Baba every day before the commencement of work and also at closing time. The bilding Material and the implements were taken of by Bapu Saheb Jog. With Baba's blessings , the building rose quickly. The workers worked as if it was a holy Yagna.
Butty was in a hurry to install sri krishna's idol in the big hall. When he sought permission of Baba to order for the idol, Baba declined to give the permission ,stating that when the Wada was completed, he would himself come and reside there and all of them would embrace each other and play there and be happy. On another ocassion, Baba sat cross-legged on the base constructed for installing Sri Krishna's idol. Butty once again asked Baba's permission to get the idol prepared-Baba asked whether he was not Sri Krishna. He told Butty to patiently for sometime, saying that the idol could be installed afterwards. NObody could understand the inner meaning of Sai Baba' words. The temple was coming up gradually. Baba made all arrangements personally and if he wanted to tell his devotees about anything, he told them in their dreams.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baba's Dakshina

Baba took dakshina only from a few devotees out of several who came for his darshan. Sometimes he accepted when devotees gave him unasked for. But he declined to take from such devotees at other times. He took Dakshina from all, whether they were rich or poor. He used to ask dakshina from women and also children. If any devotee whom Baba had asked for dakshina had no money, Baba advised him to take a loan, and give. If a devotee declined to give dakshina Baba never not got angry. If anyone gave him more than whta he asked for, he returned the excess amount. Sometimes he used to give back a portion of the dakshina to the devotee with an advice to keep it in the puja and worship. At times he took dakshina four or five times in a day from the same devotee. There were instances when the devotees gave away the entire amount they had with them. The devotees from Baba asked dakshina in return received the blessings of Baba. Such devoteed never suffered for want of money in their lives. They always thought that Baba asked for dakshina for their own good.
Out of the money received through dakshina, Baba spent only a little of it for his chillum and towards firewood for the Dhuni; the balance amount he gave away to the poor and to those who were with him. Daily he gave away thus up sixty rupees. The then British Government had received reports through its intelligence agencies, that Baba sometimes distributed more than what he received.
For spiritual progress, generally there are two obstacles: Wealth and sex. Baba used to put the devoteed to test regarding these two. He asked for money by way of dakshina. After that he sent them to the house of Radhakrishna Mai, who was a young and beautiful widow. She used to make arrangements in her house for food for those devotees who came from far0off places. She completely devoted her energies in the services of Baba. Pleased with her devotion, Baba gave her super powers without her knowledge. She could read the thoughts of those who visited her. She used to caution those whose thoughts became perverted after seeing her beauty. Baba sent the devotees to her house at onetime or other, just to test them. The devotees exercised utmost caution while in her house.
All the valuable articles that were with shirdi Samsthan were those brought by devotees on the advise of Radhakrishna Mai. But Baba never showed any interest in them. He told that all that his property consisted of were an undercloth, a seperate cloth and a tumbler. His mind never went after materialistic objects. In the same way Those who read these story should develop a detachment from worldly things . With a prayer to sai Baba to bless these my readers with pece and happiness.
"Allah Mallik hai"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sai Baba's Teachings

Sai Baba frequently advised on how one should behave in one's daily life. " Because of our contacts in the previous birth, we met each other in this birth also. If any person or animal comes to you , do not drive them away unsympathetically. You should welcome then wholeheartedly and give them due respect.You should give water for the thirsty, food for the hungry and clothing for the naked. God will be satisfied and bless you, if you allow others to take rest in your verandah. If any ones come for you money, you need not give if you do not like to, but you should not abuse or use harsh language and cause pain. This world is like a stage.Carefully observe the several thing being enacted on this stage.But be steady even if the whole world goes upside down. There is no difference between you and me. We both are one.You remove the wall in between us.God is the head all of us. Allah Mallik Hai! None else except God can save us.The method of God is extraordinary very valuable and unimaginable. We all met here because of our tie-up in the previous births. We should be above caste, religion and nationality and move in an affectionate way and be happy and peaceful. We should utilise this body given by God, for the good of others. Such people are only blessed ones. The others live just because they take birth."
Baba taught whenever there was time and oppurtinity. He used to say that he is omnipresent and present in all elements like earth, air , water, fire and light. He allowed some devotees to do his Pada Puja, some otheres to hear his leelas; some othere to go to the temple of Khandoba and a few others to do parayana of holy books according to their needs. He give instructions to some personally and to some in their dreams. Once, when Radhakrishna Mai was suffering from fever , Baba asked for a ladder to be brought . He climbed it to the roof of her house. He gave two rupees to the person who brought the ladder. Even though all these acts of Baba appeared strange , the fever of Radhakrishna Mai subsided.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Damu Anna

A friend of Damodar savalram Ranse alias Damu Anna from Bombay had written a letter to Damu Anna, that they both jointly do bussiness in cotton as there would be huge profits. Since Damu Anna was a Sai devotee , he wrote to shama at shirdi, to take the opinion of Baba on the matter. When shama went to Dwarkamai to consult Baba about it, Baba told him " What things he is planning! without being contended with what God has given him, he is trying to earn lakh of rupees. He is crazy. Let him live happily with half-bread." Shama wrote back to Damu Anna about what Baba had told him. Damu Anna came to shirdi personally to talk to Baba. He thought of offering him a share in the profits. Baba read his mind and told him that he did not like to involve himself in worldy matters. So Damu Anna dropped the proposal to trade in cotton. Soon after , all the cotton merchants incurred losses. At another time, Damu Anna wanted to trade in Paddy. Baba told him that if Damu Anna purchased at 7 seers a ruoee he would sell at 9 seers a rupee. As Baba predicted, the rates of Paddy came down and all those who hoarded paddy were put to heavy loss. Baba thus daved him twice from heavy losses. Because of this , Damu Anna's devotion to Baba increased and he served him till Baba;s Samadhi.
Once when Damu Anna was sitting near baba's feet the got two doubts.'so many devotees are coming to Baba will all of them be benefited?'
'Now I am seeking Baba' advise in all matters and by acting according to his advice, I am much benefited . But what will be my fate after baba leaves this body? should O be like a drifiting kite?'
Having read the doubts in Damu Anna Baba answered,
Look at that mango tree and its thick flowers. If all the flowers become mangoes, how nice it will be. But at the stage itself a lot will fall off. Some will fall off at the stage of tender mangoes. Due to puckling by birds, and children hitting with stones, some were will fall off. Finally very few become ripe mangoes. The same with these devotees also.
" Even after leaving the present body I will be alert . The Protection for my devoteed will come from my Samadhi. I will discharge all my obligations from my samadhi. My bones will look after your welfare."
We pray to Baba, to extend the assurances given to Damu Anna, to my readers.

Vasu Devananda Saraswathi

In a Tapovan near Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh, there was a great saint with divine and supernaturalpowers. He was Vasu Devananda Saraswathi. Thousands of devotees visited him. Das Ganu, a native of Nanded , along with four others went to visit this yogi. After hearing about shirdand the names of sai Baba from Das Ganu Maharaj, Vasu Devananda was overwhelmed with joy and told them," Children! My elder brother is there in shirdi. Why did you come here instead of visiting him? people are under the impression that Sai Baba is a muslim Fakir. But he is my elder brother. Please give this coconut to him with my salutations." So saying he gave a coconut to Das Ganu. They returned with Das Ganu to Nanded and after fiftenn days started for shirdi via Manmad and Kopargaon. After reaching Manmad they learnt that the train to kopargaon was running late. So they sat near the rivulet nearby, to eat the fried riceflakes brought by them. As they found the riceflakes too pungent, they broke the coconut given to them by Vasu Devananda Saraswathi and after crating it, mixed it with riceflakes and ate it. While eating they suddenly remembered that this coconut was intended for Sai BAba and feared the consequences.
When they reached shirdi, Sai Baba called Das Ganu and asked him about the coconut given by Vasu Devananda. Surprised as to how Baba knew about it, Das Ganu narrated everything and sought the pardon of Baba. He rose to go to the shop to get another coconut. But Baba prevented him and told him," Child, do not go. Can the coconut which you intend to bring now be equal to the one sent my brother? Do not worry . You are also my children. All my possessions are yours. I do not have anything against you". So saying , he blesses him.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lakshmi Bai Tuse

Shri Ram was her ishtadev and she had not even heard of Baba. That was in 1912 that she had gone to her fathe's house. There she perrformed puja to Shri Ram and Hanuman. The devera (miniature temple for God's idol) was placed on a shelf above. As was her daily routine she did an alaborate puja. Then she went upstairs to rest. Infront of the building was a jamun tree. A top that tree was monkey who looked bright and poerful like Hanuman. Jumping off the tree , he came to the window and then suddenly disappeared.That night she dreamt of Baba who said, " Come to shirdi your ram is here. So come as often as you want." She had never heard of shirdi. Her Guru however told her everything about shirdi. It was in 1913 that she got a chance to visit shirdi when she saw Baba , He was the saint she had dreamt of.In 1917 , She visited shirdi again. After the noon aarti, and meal was over, she stayed on in the Dwarkamai. Lakshmi Bai was very concerned about her property. She confided in shama, and told him the story. She was gifted vast farmland by her father-in-law, so he could live of it comfortably. But her father had impounded the land and would not hand it to over to her. Nor would stay on the farm. Then she asked shama if he would speak to Baba on her behalf. Shama however told her to speak for herself.At that time Baba was standing against the wall of yje Dwarkamai. He was abusing very violently. After a few minutes He went and sat in the Dwarkamai near the Katrada. Anna chinikar was massaging his feet and jog was doing seva. Lakshmi Bai went up and sat down, but said nothing. Baba said to jog ," Anna has swindled kaki and completely wiped her of all her posessions. He gives Me a lot of trouble.' To which Anna replied, " I have never swindled anyone of their posessions. Nor i have troubled Baba." Then to Lakshmi Bai He said," Kaki let him eat, after all it's Anna will give you enough, and there will be no dearth. You, me and Anna will go and live in Nashik.Lakshmi Bai was surprised to hear this. Her father's name was Anna. He had swindled her of her farmlan. Many of her well-wishers had suggested that she lodge a complaint. however she followed Baba's advice. At first she had a lot of trouble, but that to passes. she completed a course in nursing and midwifery and lived comfortably

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ramachandra M Adkar

Ramachandra was born to Madhav Rao Vaman and Ganga Bai Adkar on 14th March ,1915.Madhav Rao was an ascetiv by nature and often went on pilgrimage to Pandharpur. Once Madhav Rao went to shirdi and was serving Baba. One day when he was in Dwarkamai with Baba, Baba said," Madhav Rao two men will come to take you home, you better go. You will be get a son, and you should name him Ram.". A short while later his father-in-law and father came to Dwarkamai. Both pleaded with Baba saying," Baba , do send this Madhav Rao home. Though married he shrinks his responsibilities." Baba replied," He will accomapny you." Thus Madhav Rao went home and a year later a son was born. He was named Ramachandra. Ganaga Bai brought the young child for Baba's darshanand blessings. His mother died two years later and his maternal grandparents brought up Ram.
Ramachandra studied up to 5th class in Marathi medium. His father was a linguist and taught him to read and write urdu. When he grew up he sought the job of a school master, but was appointed as headmaster. Thus he was in a charge of four schools. Three months later he was married to Mathura Bai Kulkarni. They stayed in their father's home in Barsi, where he continiued to work as head master. They had two sons and three daughters. He retired in 1972 and in 1980 moved to pune where he is currently staying.
With Baba's blessings and grace his children are leading fruitful and comfortable lives.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meaning Of Moksha( Salvation)

After starting Dhuni in Dwarkamai, Baba used to sit leaning on the wall opposite the dhuni, most of the day. Thus sitting infront of his mother who gave him this physical body, he would tell about his feelings to her. He frequently used to say" Masjid Mai" which meant "Mosque mother" . Now and then he used to convey his feelings to the mother.
As long as the physical body is there attachment will be therre. Pnce the life leaves the body, then there are no such attachments. for sages, saints and those who want to free themselves from this and those who want to0 free themselves from this lifecycle, this state gives them peace and happiness to their soul. But ordinary peolpe , after their death seek rebirth as they are not able to come out of their worldly desires. If you do not have such desires then there will not be rebirth or" punar janma". This is Moksha or Mukthi Or salvation.
With great detachment having got moksha Gurudhan, Dwarkamai, and Venkusa in the form of jyotis were in shirdionly for the welfare and prosperity of the masses and not for the sake of them selves. Under such a state there would not be any relationship as mother and son. All were equal and in such a state only , all were at shirdi sai was visible in the human form whereas the other were not. this was only difference.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


A number of devotees used to approach Baba with materialistic desires. Nanavali used to observe all this from a distance. He used to put only an upper cloth on him and looked like a mentally deranged person. His talk was harsh and eyes fearful to look at, usually no one talked to him. He never tolerated any injustice and if he came across such a thing he went there and condemned it with his harsh words. The public moved away if they noticed him coming. If he came across any persons having bad ideas or thoughts, he scolded them with harsh and sometimes threw stones at them.
He never tolerated it if anyone talked against Baba . Such was his devotion towards Baba. one day he noticed some merchants asking Baba about money matters and troublim him much. He came forward quickly and sat in front of Baba, demanding ," Fakir! I want a big tree which bears money immediately. I do not want a small tree which cannot give me money just now. It should give the money the moment it sprouts." Baba cooled the temper of Nanavali and assured him that he would grant his request and Nanavali went laughing.
The devotees present there conveyed their feeling to Baba that it was not good for Baba to entertain Nanavali, who was a crazy person. Baba replied as follows," while I am sitting in this mosque to show you Jnana Marga leading to salvation,you are coming to me for wealth, fame , status and other materialistic desires. What is it that one has to achieve in his lifetime? Is wealth the only onething? No. but wealth is also necessary -only upto the level of leading a normal life and that too with money earned the right way. Even if you earn money and accumulate a lot of wealth out of greed , throughout your life, it is fact that nothing will come with you after you die.
"My spiritual treasury is overflowing . I can give whatever devotees desire . They can also come and take away whatever amount they like. But they should qualify themselves for receving it. But they are not willing to take what I give them, they want only what they desire. I am prepared to give them priceless gold. But they choose only earthen lumps.
" From where did we come into this human body? What we are doing noe? from here, where are we going? Who is behind our biths and deaths? who created the sun, the moon , the stars and other planets? People don't think about all this . They are only after wealth and physical happiness, thinking that this life is permanent . But they are getting destroyed like the insects which, drawn to the flame perish. This is complete Agnana (ignorana) which is quiet opposite to Jnana Marga. I came in this body only to put humanity in the jnana marga.
Many a time Baba elaborated the word " I and Me" through his teachings. To know about me or to search for me you need not go elsewhere. If you remove your name and form , then what is left in you is myself. Not only in you but I am equally present in all living things. If you realise this, then you can see me in all living things. If you cause any pain to any living thing, you are hurting me. Those who tolerate the hardships caused to them by others, are dear to me.