Monday, February 16, 2009

Baba's Dakshina

Baba took dakshina only from a few devotees out of several who came for his darshan. Sometimes he accepted when devotees gave him unasked for. But he declined to take from such devotees at other times. He took Dakshina from all, whether they were rich or poor. He used to ask dakshina from women and also children. If any devotee whom Baba had asked for dakshina had no money, Baba advised him to take a loan, and give. If a devotee declined to give dakshina Baba never not got angry. If anyone gave him more than whta he asked for, he returned the excess amount. Sometimes he used to give back a portion of the dakshina to the devotee with an advice to keep it in the puja and worship. At times he took dakshina four or five times in a day from the same devotee. There were instances when the devotees gave away the entire amount they had with them. The devotees from Baba asked dakshina in return received the blessings of Baba. Such devoteed never suffered for want of money in their lives. They always thought that Baba asked for dakshina for their own good.
Out of the money received through dakshina, Baba spent only a little of it for his chillum and towards firewood for the Dhuni; the balance amount he gave away to the poor and to those who were with him. Daily he gave away thus up sixty rupees. The then British Government had received reports through its intelligence agencies, that Baba sometimes distributed more than what he received.
For spiritual progress, generally there are two obstacles: Wealth and sex. Baba used to put the devoteed to test regarding these two. He asked for money by way of dakshina. After that he sent them to the house of Radhakrishna Mai, who was a young and beautiful widow. She used to make arrangements in her house for food for those devotees who came from far0off places. She completely devoted her energies in the services of Baba. Pleased with her devotion, Baba gave her super powers without her knowledge. She could read the thoughts of those who visited her. She used to caution those whose thoughts became perverted after seeing her beauty. Baba sent the devotees to her house at onetime or other, just to test them. The devotees exercised utmost caution while in her house.
All the valuable articles that were with shirdi Samsthan were those brought by devotees on the advise of Radhakrishna Mai. But Baba never showed any interest in them. He told that all that his property consisted of were an undercloth, a seperate cloth and a tumbler. His mind never went after materialistic objects. In the same way Those who read these story should develop a detachment from worldly things . With a prayer to sai Baba to bless these my readers with pece and happiness.
"Allah Mallik hai"

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