Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lakshmi Bai Tuse

Shri Ram was her ishtadev and she had not even heard of Baba. That was in 1912 that she had gone to her fathe's house. There she perrformed puja to Shri Ram and Hanuman. The devera (miniature temple for God's idol) was placed on a shelf above. As was her daily routine she did an alaborate puja. Then she went upstairs to rest. Infront of the building was a jamun tree. A top that tree was monkey who looked bright and poerful like Hanuman. Jumping off the tree , he came to the window and then suddenly disappeared.That night she dreamt of Baba who said, " Come to shirdi your ram is here. So come as often as you want." She had never heard of shirdi. Her Guru however told her everything about shirdi. It was in 1913 that she got a chance to visit shirdi when she saw Baba , He was the saint she had dreamt of.In 1917 , She visited shirdi again. After the noon aarti, and meal was over, she stayed on in the Dwarkamai. Lakshmi Bai was very concerned about her property. She confided in shama, and told him the story. She was gifted vast farmland by her father-in-law, so he could live of it comfortably. But her father had impounded the land and would not hand it to over to her. Nor would stay on the farm. Then she asked shama if he would speak to Baba on her behalf. Shama however told her to speak for herself.At that time Baba was standing against the wall of yje Dwarkamai. He was abusing very violently. After a few minutes He went and sat in the Dwarkamai near the Katrada. Anna chinikar was massaging his feet and jog was doing seva. Lakshmi Bai went up and sat down, but said nothing. Baba said to jog ," Anna has swindled kaki and completely wiped her of all her posessions. He gives Me a lot of trouble.' To which Anna replied, " I have never swindled anyone of their posessions. Nor i have troubled Baba." Then to Lakshmi Bai He said," Kaki let him eat, after all it's Anna will give you enough, and there will be no dearth. You, me and Anna will go and live in Nashik.Lakshmi Bai was surprised to hear this. Her father's name was Anna. He had swindled her of her farmlan. Many of her well-wishers had suggested that she lodge a complaint. however she followed Baba's advice. At first she had a lot of trouble, but that to passes. she completed a course in nursing and midwifery and lived comfortably

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