Sunday, February 1, 2009


A number of devotees used to approach Baba with materialistic desires. Nanavali used to observe all this from a distance. He used to put only an upper cloth on him and looked like a mentally deranged person. His talk was harsh and eyes fearful to look at, usually no one talked to him. He never tolerated any injustice and if he came across such a thing he went there and condemned it with his harsh words. The public moved away if they noticed him coming. If he came across any persons having bad ideas or thoughts, he scolded them with harsh and sometimes threw stones at them.
He never tolerated it if anyone talked against Baba . Such was his devotion towards Baba. one day he noticed some merchants asking Baba about money matters and troublim him much. He came forward quickly and sat in front of Baba, demanding ," Fakir! I want a big tree which bears money immediately. I do not want a small tree which cannot give me money just now. It should give the money the moment it sprouts." Baba cooled the temper of Nanavali and assured him that he would grant his request and Nanavali went laughing.
The devotees present there conveyed their feeling to Baba that it was not good for Baba to entertain Nanavali, who was a crazy person. Baba replied as follows," while I am sitting in this mosque to show you Jnana Marga leading to salvation,you are coming to me for wealth, fame , status and other materialistic desires. What is it that one has to achieve in his lifetime? Is wealth the only onething? No. but wealth is also necessary -only upto the level of leading a normal life and that too with money earned the right way. Even if you earn money and accumulate a lot of wealth out of greed , throughout your life, it is fact that nothing will come with you after you die.
"My spiritual treasury is overflowing . I can give whatever devotees desire . They can also come and take away whatever amount they like. But they should qualify themselves for receving it. But they are not willing to take what I give them, they want only what they desire. I am prepared to give them priceless gold. But they choose only earthen lumps.
" From where did we come into this human body? What we are doing noe? from here, where are we going? Who is behind our biths and deaths? who created the sun, the moon , the stars and other planets? People don't think about all this . They are only after wealth and physical happiness, thinking that this life is permanent . But they are getting destroyed like the insects which, drawn to the flame perish. This is complete Agnana (ignorana) which is quiet opposite to Jnana Marga. I came in this body only to put humanity in the jnana marga.
Many a time Baba elaborated the word " I and Me" through his teachings. To know about me or to search for me you need not go elsewhere. If you remove your name and form , then what is left in you is myself. Not only in you but I am equally present in all living things. If you realise this, then you can see me in all living things. If you cause any pain to any living thing, you are hurting me. Those who tolerate the hardships caused to them by others, are dear to me.

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