Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Desiring Mantropadesa From Baba

An old Woman called Radha Bai Deshmukh treated Baba as her Guru and she wanted to have Mantropadesa and also Atma Sakshatkara. With this determined desire, she went to shirdi and requested Baba to teach her Mantras. But Baba kept silent. Then she went on a fast and decided not to take food or water till Baba taught her Mantras. Her fast continued for three days and she became very weak. Shama noticed this and fearing that Baba might get a bad name if anything happened to her, requested Baba to interfere in the matter and save the woman.
Thus Baba sent for her and told,'' Mother, I am like your child. You are like my mother.Why are you undergoing this agony and desiring wealth? I am a fakir. Show Kindness to me. My Guru was a great' Satpurusha'. When I approached him, he asked me two coins as dakshina. They are not ordinary coins. One is Shraddha (faith) and the other is Saburi (patience). Shraddha means faith , doing work correctly, and saburi means patience- equanimity in the face of difficulties. As soon as he asked for them, I improve these two qualities in me and gave them to my Guru as dakshina. He immediately got my head tonsured and accepted my dakshina.
" When my Guru was in mediatation I used to sit in front of him, and focus my eyes on his face, withour diverting it on other matters; this went on for days , forgetting hunger and thirst. He also used to look at me with love. On such occassions we used to be full of mutual love and happiness. I could not withstand our seperation even for a moment. There was no other goal for me except my Guru. I never carved for anything other than my Guru. He also desired to have my love only and nothing else. He used to radiate his affection on me always.
" I will never tell a lie sitting in this mosque. My Guru did not tell me any Mantra I cannot also give any advice to you. If you want to have me as your Guru, you must behave as I did in the case of my Guru. Keep me as the goal of your thoughts and ideals. see me with undeterred sincerity and I will also see you in the same manner. Some drawbacks and pressures in life will try to sepearte us. Withour yielding to such things you should exercise patience and be happy. Unless you act like this , you cannot reach your's life goal. You need not bother about the four kinds of practices six Shastras or eight kibds of yoga. With strong devotion, if you serve your Guru that is enough. This is the only true thing that my guru taught me.''
These nectar-like words of Baba changed the heart of the old woman and she gave up the fast . That day Baba made her sit next to him and eat her food.

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