Thursday, February 12, 2009

Damu Anna

A friend of Damodar savalram Ranse alias Damu Anna from Bombay had written a letter to Damu Anna, that they both jointly do bussiness in cotton as there would be huge profits. Since Damu Anna was a Sai devotee , he wrote to shama at shirdi, to take the opinion of Baba on the matter. When shama went to Dwarkamai to consult Baba about it, Baba told him " What things he is planning! without being contended with what God has given him, he is trying to earn lakh of rupees. He is crazy. Let him live happily with half-bread." Shama wrote back to Damu Anna about what Baba had told him. Damu Anna came to shirdi personally to talk to Baba. He thought of offering him a share in the profits. Baba read his mind and told him that he did not like to involve himself in worldy matters. So Damu Anna dropped the proposal to trade in cotton. Soon after , all the cotton merchants incurred losses. At another time, Damu Anna wanted to trade in Paddy. Baba told him that if Damu Anna purchased at 7 seers a ruoee he would sell at 9 seers a rupee. As Baba predicted, the rates of Paddy came down and all those who hoarded paddy were put to heavy loss. Baba thus daved him twice from heavy losses. Because of this , Damu Anna's devotion to Baba increased and he served him till Baba;s Samadhi.
Once when Damu Anna was sitting near baba's feet the got two doubts.'so many devotees are coming to Baba will all of them be benefited?'
'Now I am seeking Baba' advise in all matters and by acting according to his advice, I am much benefited . But what will be my fate after baba leaves this body? should O be like a drifiting kite?'
Having read the doubts in Damu Anna Baba answered,
Look at that mango tree and its thick flowers. If all the flowers become mangoes, how nice it will be. But at the stage itself a lot will fall off. Some will fall off at the stage of tender mangoes. Due to puckling by birds, and children hitting with stones, some were will fall off. Finally very few become ripe mangoes. The same with these devotees also.
" Even after leaving the present body I will be alert . The Protection for my devoteed will come from my Samadhi. I will discharge all my obligations from my samadhi. My bones will look after your welfare."
We pray to Baba, to extend the assurances given to Damu Anna, to my readers.

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