Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vasu Devananda Saraswathi

In a Tapovan near Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh, there was a great saint with divine and supernaturalpowers. He was Vasu Devananda Saraswathi. Thousands of devotees visited him. Das Ganu, a native of Nanded , along with four others went to visit this yogi. After hearing about shirdand the names of sai Baba from Das Ganu Maharaj, Vasu Devananda was overwhelmed with joy and told them," Children! My elder brother is there in shirdi. Why did you come here instead of visiting him? people are under the impression that Sai Baba is a muslim Fakir. But he is my elder brother. Please give this coconut to him with my salutations." So saying he gave a coconut to Das Ganu. They returned with Das Ganu to Nanded and after fiftenn days started for shirdi via Manmad and Kopargaon. After reaching Manmad they learnt that the train to kopargaon was running late. So they sat near the rivulet nearby, to eat the fried riceflakes brought by them. As they found the riceflakes too pungent, they broke the coconut given to them by Vasu Devananda Saraswathi and after crating it, mixed it with riceflakes and ate it. While eating they suddenly remembered that this coconut was intended for Sai BAba and feared the consequences.
When they reached shirdi, Sai Baba called Das Ganu and asked him about the coconut given by Vasu Devananda. Surprised as to how Baba knew about it, Das Ganu narrated everything and sought the pardon of Baba. He rose to go to the shop to get another coconut. But Baba prevented him and told him," Child, do not go. Can the coconut which you intend to bring now be equal to the one sent my brother? Do not worry . You are also my children. All my possessions are yours. I do not have anything against you". So saying , he blesses him.

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