Friday, February 13, 2009

Sai Baba's Teachings

Sai Baba frequently advised on how one should behave in one's daily life. " Because of our contacts in the previous birth, we met each other in this birth also. If any person or animal comes to you , do not drive them away unsympathetically. You should welcome then wholeheartedly and give them due respect.You should give water for the thirsty, food for the hungry and clothing for the naked. God will be satisfied and bless you, if you allow others to take rest in your verandah. If any ones come for you money, you need not give if you do not like to, but you should not abuse or use harsh language and cause pain. This world is like a stage.Carefully observe the several thing being enacted on this stage.But be steady even if the whole world goes upside down. There is no difference between you and me. We both are one.You remove the wall in between us.God is the head all of us. Allah Mallik Hai! None else except God can save us.The method of God is extraordinary very valuable and unimaginable. We all met here because of our tie-up in the previous births. We should be above caste, religion and nationality and move in an affectionate way and be happy and peaceful. We should utilise this body given by God, for the good of others. Such people are only blessed ones. The others live just because they take birth."
Baba taught whenever there was time and oppurtinity. He used to say that he is omnipresent and present in all elements like earth, air , water, fire and light. He allowed some devotees to do his Pada Puja, some otheres to hear his leelas; some othere to go to the temple of Khandoba and a few others to do parayana of holy books according to their needs. He give instructions to some personally and to some in their dreams. Once, when Radhakrishna Mai was suffering from fever , Baba asked for a ladder to be brought . He climbed it to the roof of her house. He gave two rupees to the person who brought the ladder. Even though all these acts of Baba appeared strange , the fever of Radhakrishna Mai subsided.

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