Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Butty Wada

Sreeman Butty, with the help of shama, kaka saheb dixit and others, had produced the material required for the construction of the wada, and engaged the required workers. They decided to commence the work on 30 december 1913 with the laying of the foundation stone. Baba also agreed to this. The construction started. Shama was supervising . The underground structure, the outside structure and digging the well were completed. Baba also saw the construction work daily on his way to Lendi Bagh and back to the mosque. Sometimes Baba would indicate some alterations and give some suggestions. Slowly the workers also developed devotion and faith in Baba. They saluted Baba every day before the commencement of work and also at closing time. The bilding Material and the implements were taken of by Bapu Saheb Jog. With Baba's blessings , the building rose quickly. The workers worked as if it was a holy Yagna.
Butty was in a hurry to install sri krishna's idol in the big hall. When he sought permission of Baba to order for the idol, Baba declined to give the permission ,stating that when the Wada was completed, he would himself come and reside there and all of them would embrace each other and play there and be happy. On another ocassion, Baba sat cross-legged on the base constructed for installing Sri Krishna's idol. Butty once again asked Baba's permission to get the idol prepared-Baba asked whether he was not Sri Krishna. He told Butty to patiently for sometime, saying that the idol could be installed afterwards. NObody could understand the inner meaning of Sai Baba' words. The temple was coming up gradually. Baba made all arrangements personally and if he wanted to tell his devotees about anything, he told them in their dreams.

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