Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meaning Of Moksha( Salvation)

After starting Dhuni in Dwarkamai, Baba used to sit leaning on the wall opposite the dhuni, most of the day. Thus sitting infront of his mother who gave him this physical body, he would tell about his feelings to her. He frequently used to say" Masjid Mai" which meant "Mosque mother" . Now and then he used to convey his feelings to the mother.
As long as the physical body is there attachment will be therre. Pnce the life leaves the body, then there are no such attachments. for sages, saints and those who want to free themselves from this and those who want to0 free themselves from this lifecycle, this state gives them peace and happiness to their soul. But ordinary peolpe , after their death seek rebirth as they are not able to come out of their worldly desires. If you do not have such desires then there will not be rebirth or" punar janma". This is Moksha or Mukthi Or salvation.
With great detachment having got moksha Gurudhan, Dwarkamai, and Venkusa in the form of jyotis were in shirdionly for the welfare and prosperity of the masses and not for the sake of them selves. Under such a state there would not be any relationship as mother and son. All were equal and in such a state only , all were at shirdi sai was visible in the human form whereas the other were not. this was only difference.

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