Friday, February 6, 2009

Ramachandra M Adkar

Ramachandra was born to Madhav Rao Vaman and Ganga Bai Adkar on 14th March ,1915.Madhav Rao was an ascetiv by nature and often went on pilgrimage to Pandharpur. Once Madhav Rao went to shirdi and was serving Baba. One day when he was in Dwarkamai with Baba, Baba said," Madhav Rao two men will come to take you home, you better go. You will be get a son, and you should name him Ram.". A short while later his father-in-law and father came to Dwarkamai. Both pleaded with Baba saying," Baba , do send this Madhav Rao home. Though married he shrinks his responsibilities." Baba replied," He will accomapny you." Thus Madhav Rao went home and a year later a son was born. He was named Ramachandra. Ganaga Bai brought the young child for Baba's darshanand blessings. His mother died two years later and his maternal grandparents brought up Ram.
Ramachandra studied up to 5th class in Marathi medium. His father was a linguist and taught him to read and write urdu. When he grew up he sought the job of a school master, but was appointed as headmaster. Thus he was in a charge of four schools. Three months later he was married to Mathura Bai Kulkarni. They stayed in their father's home in Barsi, where he continiued to work as head master. They had two sons and three daughters. He retired in 1972 and in 1980 moved to pune where he is currently staying.
With Baba's blessings and grace his children are leading fruitful and comfortable lives.

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