Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meaning of 55

Sadguru Sai Baba gave Rs.55 to Phalke , by which he may have conveyed the transient nature of this world or sansara. On the other hand, He may have conveyed the sara or gist of the Vedas. Shri Krishna while giving updesh to Arjuna from the Bhagwad Gita Says ," This World or Universe is like the Ashwatha Vriksha. Whose roots are down. This Vriksha is everlasting . The vedas are the leaves. One who knows this knows the Vedas." The entire universe is compared to the Ashwatha Vriksha, although this trees does not yield any flowers or fruit, yet it is compared to the universe. Why ? because it represents and reflects all the characteristics of the universe, the body and life itself.
The very name "Ashwatha " Indiacates the transient existence of this worldly life. Every fraction of the second is not constant and is changing. The word possibly comes from Ashwa or the horse . The horse is vivacious and restless by nature. If one adds all the digits from one to ten it is equal to Fifty-Five

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