Thursday, January 8, 2009

Das Ganu Maharaj

Das Ganu Maharaj , he became greately attached to baba who made him understand things which others normally could not understand. Baba helped him on special ocassions when Ganu wanted to write a Marathi commentary on Amritanubhava, a famous Marathi religious treatise. He had been told this was not possible but he prayed to Baba and Got his blessings. He wrote and completed the commentary. It was so good that it was prasied even by his critics. He then wanted to translate tha Isavaya Upanishad into Marathi but was again discouraged by some people who told him the upanishad was very difficult to translate. He went to Baba who said there could be no difficulty and asked him to go to Kaka Dixits residence where the servantmaid, Malkarni , would give him the meaning ( of the Upanishad). Ganu went ti Dixits as directed and in the morning heard a girl singing in great ecstasy. She was singing about the beauty of an orange-coloured silk sari and going into raptures about its floral embroidery and boreders. To his surprise he found the girl was wearing a rag and there was no silk sari on her body. Talking pity on her Ganu asked a friend to buy her a cheap sari. Malkarni wore it for a day andthrew it away the next day and Ganu found her again in a tattered Dress and singing in ecstasy the song in the silk sari.
Ganu then understand the meaning of the Upanishad. He realised the girl's happiness lay not in the external sari which she had thrown away but in herself. And the Upanishad said the same thing." All the world", says the first verse of the Upanishad " is covered by the maya of Iswara. So enjoy bliss noy by having the externals but by rejecting the externals. The Girl, Ganu saw, was happy as she was and contended. Thus Baba taught him the upanishad thriugh a servantmaid.

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