Monday, January 19, 2009

Malleswaram temple of saibaba

In Malleswaram ( Bangalore ) there, is a Sai Baba temple which is run with devotees support. There occured an incident which was narrated by the temple committee president, Mr Murthy, and the secretary, Dr Nagesh. Thet said the management received numeous pictures of Baba for being installed in the temple and it became a problem how to accomodate them in the limited space of the temple. Therefore it was decided not to accept any more pictures of Baba and this decision was announced on the noticeboard. Shortly after the anniversary of the temple was being celebrated. As the functions connected with the celebration were going on a sadhu, hugging a big potrait of Baba, suddenly barged into the temple and told those present." This picture must be installed here." He placed the picture in thier midst and walked away as swiftly as he had come. No one knew who he was and where he came from and why he wanted the picture to be installed there. Try as they might the temple officials could find no trace of him afterwards. The management decided that the portrait should be installed in the Meditation Hall and this was done.


sahitya said...

pls send me exact address

sr devraj said...

Can anyone comment me address of this temple please..................... hanuman chalisa