Monday, January 5, 2009

Baba's Padukas Under the Neem Tree

Dr.Rama Rao Kotari was resident of Bombay. he came to shirdi in 1912, got attached to Baba and was in shirdi for a number of days . He made friends with Dixit Chandorkar , Shama and others who were with Baba. While discussing matters , they thought that it would be befitting if Baba's padukas got carved in stone and put under the neem tree in commemoration of his first visit to shirdi when she sat under the neem tree. Dr. Kotari sent padukas carved out of stone from bombay. During that period Upasani Baba was staying at khandoba temple. As per his advise, the padukas were brought in a procession on the full- moon day in the month of shravana. That morning at 11 0' clock Dixit brought the padukas, carrying them on his head.
From Khandoba temple the procession with musical instruments playing came up to Dwarkamai and after taking the blessings of Baba they were brought to the neem tree and installed under it. The Sai Mahima Shloka Sada Nimba Vrukshaya Muladhi written by Upasani Baba was also carved there. From that day onwards Puja was being regularly done in Gurusthan. If Devotees clean the place and burn incense and dhoop on thursdays , they will get the blessings of God. This was personally told by Baba.

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Rohit Behal said...

I am confused as what i had found about this Paduka Sthapana under the neem tree was -

A devotee of Akkalkot Maharaj, by name Bhaj Krishnaji Alibagkar, worshipped the photo of Akkalkot Maharaj.
He once thought of going to Akkalkot (Solapur district),take the darshan of the Padukas (foot-prints) of the Maharaj and offer his sincere prayer there, but before he could go there,he got a vision in his dream.
Akkalkot Maharaj appeared in the vision and said to him,
"Now,Shirdi is my resting place,go there and offer your worship!”

So,Bhai changed his plan and came to Shirdi,worshipped Baba,stayed there for six months and was happy.
As a reminiscence of this vision etc.,he prepared the Padukas and installed them on an auspicious day of Shravan,Shaka 1834 (1912 A.D.) under the Neem tree with due ceremonies and formalities,conducted by Dada Kelkar and Upasani.

One Dixit Brahmin was appointed for worship,and the management was entrusted to devotee Sagun.

So now which one is correct ?