Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dwarkamai and Baba

"Hech Aapuli Dwarkamai Matha Mashidiche ye aaki baisatha lakhru dehi nirbhaysth" [ Roughly translated - This is our Dwarka Matha. The children who come amd sit in this masjid should have no fear] Baba said that his Dwarkamai was "Mota Kripalu" [Tremendously compassioante] and the bhakta could easily cross the ocean [ beda paar ] of life. It was Baba perceived the desires and longings of the devotees and granted their wishes.
Let me try to decipher the meanings and symbols of the Dwarkamai and Baba's sojourn in Shirdi. He who made this cosmos live in this dilapidated mosque . From where wvwn the lizards ran away and took refuge elsewhere. Thus implying that only a roof is necessary to give us protection from the elements. And one does not need a huge palatial building to live in. As one enter the sanctorum ; one finds Baba sitting facing the south, He is Dakshinamoorty. This south faced Guru Symbolises the fact that a man of realisation has transcended time. That the Guru's Grace [ As his inner realisation] is being showered on the devotees who are caught in the net of Yama, the lord of death. The guru leads the disciple to immortality. The siouth is the speacial domain of Yama. Yama means control. It can be self control as well as limitation over one's capacity.

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