Friday, January 16, 2009


"Saipatham means the path shown to us by Sri Saibaba, the path he trod himself. It is the highway to the destination, which again is Sai. The Sai path is not bound by the traditions of any one religion but is the universal path followed and taught by all the great spiritual masters. In short, the path of Sai is the Sadguru path." -- Sri Babuji

Saipatham is the path of Sai as exemplified and expounded by our beloved Guruji, Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji. For thousands around the globe Sri Babuji is their guiding spirit along this path. His approach is to bring us to the essence of Baba, whose life was an expression of universal love and compassion and the timeless values of tolerance and brotherhood. A master of the highest order, Sai Baba manifested and keeps manifesting in fullness the rare fusion of power, love and knowledge.

Saipatham is the path of love. At its core lies the total unconditional love from the Sadguru, which ennobles and uplifts the devotee. It fosters the preparedness to shed the shackles of ingrained patterns and yield readily to the loving care of the Sadguru, to his guidance and example. "Baba is the path as well as the goal", says Sri Babuji. His own life exemplifies this complete and undivided reliance on Sai Baba and his grace. Sri Babuji's speech, thought and action are constantly turned and tuned to Baba, submerged in love at his feet. It is this love which is the very fabric of Saipatham.
No symbols of any religion nor images of any gods or goddesses are seen around Sri Babuji except that of Sri Sai Baba. No other name is chanted except the name of Sai Baba. He stresses the need for undivided emotional focus on one's object of adoration and makes it clear that there is no need for a Sai devotee to resort to any other means and rituals. Reliance on Baba's grace - and grace alone - is the essence of the Saipatham and the uniqueness of its pure expression.
Saipatham is a way of life, an attitude and a state of mind. "Spirituality is discovering the art of living", Sri Babuji says, "Skilful living can be learned and cultivated but the art of living is different. It is the spontaneous and full participation in life, which springs forth from love". He explains that "Saipatham is a path of life which has Baba as its center. A life in which our thoughts, actions and our whole way of living revolve around Baba. Just as a creeper winds around a pole, our life should revolve around Sri Sai. And like the creeper, that is climbing its way to the top, is taking support from the pole, we too must seek support, strength and security from Sai."
"A sadguru uses his power with unconditional love and compassion to help us reach our destination", says Sri Babuji. And Saipatham is the celebration of the power of the Sadguru, that supreme alchemist, who turns the basest amongst us to gold.

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