Thursday, January 1, 2009

Khushal chand of Rahata

Baba loved Khushal chand of Rahata very much. When Sometimes he went to Rahata with devotees, Khushal chand welcomed Baba frpm entrance to Rahata with drums, cymbals and other musical instruments and took them in a procession. He arranged food for All others also. After taking food, Baba and Khushal chand would discuss several matters. Similarly, Baba used to go up to Neemgaon and kopargaon ocassionally. He never went beyond these places. But he did Know of the happenings at the far off places.
One evening Baba asked Kaka Dixit to go to Rahata and fetch Khushal chand, he had not seen since a long time. When Dixit went to Rahata in a tonga to fetch Khushal chand, he found him already getting ready to come to shirdi. Khushal chand told Dixit that Baba had appeared in his dream in the afternoon and asked himto come to shirdi and therefore he was getting ready . So both of them started for shirdi in the tonga brought by Dixit. Khushal Chand was overwhelmed with joy at the way Baba showed his love for him.

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