Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sadashiv Tarkhad

Sadashiv worked as a manager in a factory in Bombay. After the factory was closed , he did nor have any means of livelihood and so he came to see Baba. At that time, Tatya Patil and others were going to Ahmednagar to see a cinema, with the permisssion of Baba. Baba asked them to take Tarkhad also along with them for the cinemaand from there to proceed to Poona. Tarkhad who wasunemployed was surprised at being sent to the cinema. But he knew that no one should go against Baba's orders. So, he went to the cinema with the others. When he reached poona, he found that a factory owner who was trying to secure the services of a person as manager, had heard about him and sent a telegram to his Bombay address , and was waiting for his arrival. So he got the job immediately . Every advice of Baba was based on one's future.

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