Friday, December 26, 2008


Shirdi Sai Baba was the human incarnation of Lord Shiva of Kailash. For the good of the world, he stopped the poison in his throat and suffered fro the sake of others. Repeating the name of such a Sai makes us happy. Worship of Sai is auspicious. Devotees experienced complete bliss when they were in the company of Sai. Baba frequently said ," Allah Malik". Sai without aspiring for Moksha or complete merger in God, had remained in the service of all living beings considered by him as facets of God. Sai means love, selfless love, sacred love. Sai's love was not only to mankind but all living things. To curb this we should publicise Sai philosophy on a large scale , spreading , brotherly love in society. All should have peace and happiness permanently. This shall be the aim of Sai Prachar. Let us pray to Sai Baba to form an army of dedicated devotees ( Sai Army) and establish a Sai empire.

Om Shanti ! Shanti ! Shanti!

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