Monday, December 8, 2008

Guru marga

Guru marga may be defined as that form of bhakti marga in which faith in devotion to the guru is the only sadhana for achieving every end, Including salvation (mukti), conquest of samsar , all yoga siddhis and temporal welfare . Baba realised that a guide wass needed and mere talk with bookish knowledge was no use at all to help one to realise God. It was not an intellectual task. the problem was how a particular soul was to be helped towards self-realisation and that eas essentially a matter of moulding the mind and character of the sishya (disciple) . what was wanted was humility , respectivity and a powerful desire to reach the goal with the aid of the guru and therefore a readiness to surrender evrything to him . baba a result of the intense love he bore him. It was the Guru;s responsibilty also to help him his disciples achieve success in other fields

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