Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saibaba- Guardian angel

Sai Baba was unique and perhaps one of the strangest of known spiritual personalities adorning the earth during recent times. But to million of people all over india today Sai Baba is more than a saint. He is God who lived on earth like Rama, Krishna, the Buddha And Christ to promote human brotherhood and love and compassion and to instil faith and confidence and inspire them to progress towards divinity which is vouchsafed to every man and woman. Aurobindo envisaged a time when man will become superman and then progress to divinity . Baba was such a personality who became God while born as man. Like God his orogins are immortal for although he has felt his body he is still alive in his tomb and in the hearts and minds of millions of his devotees and in the shrines and temples built for him all over the country . He has become part of the Hindu pantheon responding to cries for succour and protection from wherever it comes and taken the role of the guardian angel of those who fall at his feet and seek his guidance for a safe journey through the valkue of tears which is this world.

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anuradha dadhwal said...

Om Sai Nathaya Namah. Whenever I felt that I was alone, I saw or felt Baba standing by my side. If you have truth by your side, baba is always going to support, no matters what rest of the world thinks or does to you.