Friday, December 19, 2008

Baba's Mercy

On Diwali day in the year 1910, Baba was sitting opposite the' Dhuni'. He was adding firewood in the dhuni every now and then . Suddenly , he thrust his hand into the burning Dhuni. The hand burnt . Shama And others who saw this , came running and pushed back Baba, who lost consciousness by them. He appeared to be somewhere else. Afetr sometime , he came to his original state and told the devotees, " A blacksmith's wife living very far off is my devotee. She was working the bellows. When her husband called her , forgetting the child in her lap she got upto run her husband. The child fell into the burning furnace. I immediately thrust my hand into the furnaceand saved it. I am not feeling for my burnt hand . But i am happy that the child of my devotees is saved." How Baba could saved a child so far away by putting his hand in the Dhuni at Shirdi is beyond our imagination. That is why we call these actions of Sai Baba as miracles. Sai Baba is very competent Guru who is capable of doing any work in any manner. I prostrate before sai Baba for having given me blessings to write about Samartha Sadguru. Those who read these stories of Sai Baba are alos blessed. Those whose sins are forgiven can only show interest in Baba's stories. This is the truth.

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