Saturday, December 20, 2008

Arathi and Naivedya (offerings to God)

Every day after the noon arathi, all devotees went back to their houses or to the lodgings, Baba personally distrubuted udi prasad and made enquires about each devotee, giving them advices. From some devotees he would enquire when they came and to some devotees he would ask when they would be leaving Shirdi. He oreders a few devotees to leave shirdi only the next day. HE enquired with some devotees about some who were in their houses and gave some advices. He talked to the devotees to the extent necessary and according to thier needs. Only he and the particular devotee could understand the matter. After the devotees left, the devotees close to Bab would sit in rows in each side of him. Baba would come walking slowly and sit in his seat.
Those eho brought offerings to Baba (naivedya) waited outside Dwarkamai, for getting his blessings. They would bring a variety of food items like rotis, sweet rice, sanja etc.All the offerings were kepy before Baba and he offered all of them to God. After that he distributed a portion of them to devotees waiting outside the mosque and the balance served to all the close devotees who were sitting on either side of Baba. The food items touched By Baba bacme very tasty and energy-giving ones.

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