Friday, December 5, 2008


A short distance , less than 200 yards , from Dwarka Mayi is the chavadi , another landmark of shirdi. Baba slept in the chavadi on alternate nights. He was taken in procession there and there was an elaborate ceremony before Baba retired for the night. The chavadi also has been renovated and it looks neat and clean. It is a very small building , actually , a hall 20 feet by 15 feet with a partition which served as Baba's bedroom. In the bedroom there is a picture of Baba and a notice warns women from entering it. In the hall on one side there is a cot on which Baba's body was placed for a scared bath after his passing way . on the other side is a chair mounted with wheels . An inscription says it has been there since Baba's time but it does not say if Baba ever used it. The chavadi, it may be recalled , was the village guest house and Baba had taken part in entertainments there in the early days of his arrival in shirdi .

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