Monday, December 8, 2008

Samartha sat Guru

A guru, as we have seen , is one who teaches something,secular or religious . One who teaches about God or sat is called Sat Guru. He who uses all his siddhis and superior powers to carry the disciple right up to the goal is called Samartha sat Guru. Baba belongs to this type of guru . Parama guru is a samartha sat guru who looks after the entire welfare (secular and spiritual ) of his disciple . The scriptures clearly say that without a guru Brahmajana and Moksha cannot be attained . It is not always true that Sishyas (disciples) go out to find the guru .The reversae is often true . Baba himself drew hundreds of thousands to himself inwardly and unnoticed by them. He said: "No one comes to me except by my drawing them. I draw people to me under various pretexts such as the worldly objects they want . When a boy ties a bird with one end of a string can the bird refuse to come?" This drawing of people to himself Baba ascribed to rinanubhanda ( personal ties and obligations). One disciple called it the "irrestible pull of destiny".

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