Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baba's pocket

Baba's pocket was rather small ; it could hold about two hundred to three hundred rupees as coins. Yet Baba took out five hundres to one thousand rupees from his pocket . It was Kubers's treasury . As a rule Baba did not keep money in his hand .Nor did he accept rupee bills, if a devotee wished to give him dakshina and it was in the form of bills he asked himto change it or did so himself . Whatever dakshina he got, he put in his pocket . He would time and again put his hand in His pocket and take out the exact amount mentioned. Daily He disturbed about Two hundred to three hundred rupees , and did not stop it till His Mahasamadhi.
He gave Bade Baba fifty-five rupees every day. The villagers got envious , and asked Bade Baba to build a vess [gate] with the money. He refused, so they drove him away to Neemgaon . Baba would go to Lendi Baugh to give him MOney . This bothered the villagers as Baba had to go to Lendi Baugh and wait there for the Bade Baba.
So they called Bade Baba back, but he spent his money indiscriminately. He also had to pay tax on the income. Two months after Baba's Mahasamadhi he was beginning for a living. Baba often said ,''Ha Saicha paisa hey, Thayacha sadd upyog kaara. Nahi tar tumcha sanskar rakh rangoli hoyael" [Roughly Translated- This is sais's money use it discriminatively or your life will be reduced to ashes and dust,''] . Baba looked at money or aishwarya (wealth) as hindrance . Though he felt it was a necessity, and ought to be used wisely.

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