Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rohilla The devotee

Devotees out of love for Baba used to do" pada puja" (offer prayers at his feet) daily. They also put sandalpaste on the hands and gave arathi with camphor. Though Baba had no desire for all this , he never objected to their actions. A muslim devotee of Baba , Rohilla, out of religious fanaticsm , wanted to kill Baba, because he was allowing ringing of bells, giving arathi, etc. ,in the mosque went against islamic doctrine. So , one night he waited for an opportune time ti hit Baba with a big stick . When Baba came out of the mosque for a stroll , Rohilla tried to hit him. Immediately Baba turned around and with his eyes wide open focused them on Rohilla. Two light raus came out of Baba's eyes and fell on the hands of Rohilla . Immediately , the stick dropped on the ground From his hands . Baba lifted his hands and showed Rohilla his palms . Rohilla saw Mecca medicine And the sacred Quran in the palms of Sai Baba . Saying " Ya Allah ", He fell at the feet of Baba.
Sai Baba never exhibited his superiority . He did not have any attachment for his body . He had endless love for his devotees. He used to tell the past, present and future for his devotees! Friendds and foes were equal for him. Though the villagers of shirdi did not have the required "Jnana" , they had endless love and devotion for him.

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