Thursday, December 18, 2008

Samsara ( Worldly Life ) is Fearful

One's closeness to Baba was the result of good deeds over many births , and such a person was Nana Chandorkar . He learnt many things from Baba. He found this samsara ( worldly life) to be like a fearful ocean. The samsara appeared to him like an obstacle for spiritual progress. He learnt this truth by practical experience . In the year 1918 , one day Baba was alobne , Nana chandorkar said to him , " Baba , I am finding the samsara very fearful. My mmind is not interested in the worldly affairs. Some how give me salvation from these attachments . " On hearing this Baba smiled and said ," There is some truth in what you said. But the remaining is untruth and meaningless. You are under the impression that by taking to forests , One can escape from the trials and tribulations of the samsara . But this is not correct. It sis only an illusiion , Because wherever you go, you are body and mind are with you only. They will never leave you but will be giving you somekind of happiness. They should be faced courageouslyand with tact , and you should lead a family life in the proper way . By getting away from samsara, one cannot attain happiness. Everyone who proceeds in the spiritual way will have to face all these problems, and to think of vairagya (renunciation), as a solution , is not correct. " This is the message of Sai Baba.

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