Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baba Shows Shama the Trilok (Three words)

Once Shama asked Baba whether there really was a 'Trilok'. In his characteristic way he said, " Deva , is there a Brahma Lok, Vichnu lok and Shiv lok Re?" Baba replied in the affirmative . Shama immediately said, " Arre Deva why don't yoou show it to me? Baba explained to him that all the wealth and opulence that the Gods had though it was full of grandeur was very small for them. And that, this kind 0f wealth was for them. He said " Yahek ishwarya pramane hey Devache Aishwarya hey tooch aah hey." Shama however insisted on seeing it. Then Baba asked him to close his eyes and then open them. And Lo! Shama could see Brahma lok . He saw the most beautiful , ornate diamond studded throne on which Brahma was Sitting. He was holding court with his ministrels. They too were sitting on beautiful, golden chairs studded with gems. There was so much of gold and gems that it was indescribable. Baba said," Shama this is satya Lok, and this is Brahma Dev. Baba then asked him to open and close his again and He showed him Vaikunth Lok. Lastly He showed him kailash Lok. Eadch time he saw one of the loks , Baba explained to him what he was seeing and who the presiding deity was . Sham was overwhelmed by what he saw. He was slightly frightened and at the same time joyful to see the abundance of wealth and oppulence . Again Baba emphasised, ?" Shama all this is jnot for us , Our goal is quite unuaual ." Shama could see all this because Baba Gave him diviya drushti [ cosmic vision] . This is word i have coined , as there is no word in the english language that can be used. It conveys the meaning that evolved souls can visualise tha abode of the gods .
Shri krishna also gave Arjuna "divia drushti " So he could see him as ZGod and not as his friend.

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