Friday, December 12, 2008

Five Pranas

I want surrender of five senses, The five pranas Manas, buddhi and ahamkar (mind intellect and ego) allo of which involve vairagya, that is detachment . The road to brahmajana is hard to tread . All cannot tread it. when it drawns there will be light. one who feels unattached to things terrestrial and celestial is also competent to have brahmajana. He added : "To get atmajnana dhyana is needed , that is the atma anushastana (practice) that pacifies and carries the mind into samadhi. So give up all desires and dweell in your mind on God. I(f the mind is thus connected the goal is achieved."
Baba said :" For dyana meditate on me either as with form or as formless which will give more ananda . If such formless contemplation is hard then think of my form just as you see me here. with such meditation the mind dissoves into unity (that is attains laya) . The difference between su8bject and object (me and you) and the act of contemplation will be lost". He added :" The guru's glance is bread and milk to the pupil."

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