Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to Feed Baba

Ramachander Atmaram's wife one during lunch time , a hungry dog came near her and barked . She threwed a bread piece from her plate at the dog, and it ate it quickly and went away, wagging it tail. That evening When she went to Dwarkamai and stood with salutation to Baba , he thanked her for feeding him stomachful. He told her," In future also you do like this. You first feed the hungry ones and then only take your feed. This mosque is my mother. Sitting in her lap I will never tell lies. You should be always kind to me like this. You see me in all Living things. You will definitely get higher birth". She was surprised at Baba's words and asked him," I am myself depending on others in this village for my food. Then when did i feed you?' Baba replied " In the afternoon, before you took your meal, you threw a bread at a dog. I am that dog. I am in all living things like cats, dogs, cows and bees. Those who see me in all are lucky. ONe should discard the feeling of duality that he is different and animals are different.
"Baba taught her practically the gist of the upanishads-that one should see God in all living things.

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