Thursday, December 25, 2008

Message for the construction Of Samadhi Mandir

Sreeman Baba saheb Butty , a millionare from Nagpur , was living in shirdi along with his family in August, 1913. He wanted tp build a 'Wada' Like sathe and Dixit Wadas. Baba never talked about things he intended to do. But when the time and oppurtinity came he used to get things done tactfully.
One night when Butty and shama were sleeping in Dixit Wada, Baba told them in their dream, to build a Wada for Sri Krishna Temple . Shama, Unable to control his joy, wept. Butty, being a wealthy and competent person and arrangements for building the temple. A plan was prepared by shama with a big hall in the centre and rooms on all sides, with Lord Krishna's idol to be placed in the hall. This model plan was shown to Baba and his approval obtained. A arrangements were made for the commencement of the temple construction, starting with the foundation ceremony.

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