Monday, December 22, 2008

Hari Bavu Karnik

Karnik came to shirdi on Guru Poornima day in 1917. He worshipped Baba and Gave him clothes and dakshina. While he was going down the steps of the mosque, he thought of giving one more rupee as dakshina. As there was a convention that one should not go back to see baba after taking leave of him., he started his journey back home. On the way he visited the temple of kala Ram in Nashik. While he was coming out a yogi named Narasingh Maharaj , who was talking with his disciples , left them and came to Hari Bavu, and catching hold of his hand firmly, said, " Give me my one rupee." Hari Bavu was surprised that Sai Baba was taking a rupee thriugh yogi and gave the coin to him. All Yogis are one. All Gods are one. In fact, there is no, difference between yogis and Gods. Thus ,, Baba collected the amounts which devotees had vowed to offer other Gods but forgot to fulfil their vows.

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