Sunday, December 14, 2008

Upasani Baba

Upasani Baba , whose full name is Kasinath Govind Upasani Maharaj, was born in 1870 in an orthodox Brahmin family in satana village in maharashtra. Upasani baba who at one time was thought to be the successor of sai baba and was groomed by him with that purpose in view. Upasani baba decided to go to shirdi to meet saibaba in 1911. After staying for a day Upasani baba asked Baba for permission to return home. Baba said:'What! SO SOON! WHEN ARE YOU RETURNING?'' upasani replied it was not easy for him to return Shirdi . Baba said:'' then you had better stay . Do not go away ." seeing him undecided Baba said :"Well , go . I shall see what can i do." Upasani thought permission had been given to him to leave and left shirdi. While he was at Kopargaon and the priest at the Datta temple there told him to go back to shirdi and stay with Baba . Upasani said :"No". As they were talking some visitors , who said they were going to shirdi arrived and the priest told them : " Take this person with you But Upasani said no , i have been there already . The visitors said : That is the best reason . we have not been there . We want someone to be with us to guide us . So inspite protests Upasani was forced to accompany them to shirdi.
At shirdi baba welcomed Upasani and said : " So you have come back . You said you would not come back before eight days" . Upasani said :'' Baba I cannot understand this . I was eager to go home and i wonder how i did not. This must be your doing ." Baba said :" Yes i have been with you all these days dogging your heels ." There aftert Upasani Continued to stay in shirdi

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Thanks for giving the wonderful information on upasani maharaj May Baba bless you!