Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Leela of the Evil Spirit

"Get up from here," said a voice in a loud confrontational manner. The devotee looked around but could not see anyone at first. Rather confused, he wondered where the person was who gave him this order. It was purnima (full moon night) and he could see everything clearly. The ground itself was bathed in the moonlight and even a pinhead could be found in the brightness . It was a little past midnight and the devotee had gone outside for relieve himself. He was behind the banyan tree behind dixit wada. A little later, he heard something rustling amongst the fallen leaves. Thinking it might be a snake he became alert . The he noticed ' the spirit' who was clothed in a white garment and looked like a man. The spirit spoke again," This is my territory, so you better leave." The devotee looked with great concentration, as he was afraid.But the spirit added ," You are rather confident of the old man's grace ( Baba's grace) and protection, aren't you?" As soon as this was said, the devotee stood up, and was calm." Yes, come closer and show yourself." The spirit started moving closer and was about two to three feet away from the devotee.
" Stop right there or I'll call Baba and He will reduce you to ashes", warned the devotee. Hearing this, the spirit rose to the top of the tree and disappeared. The devotee walked back to his room. At first , he thought that he would tell his mother about the incident, but fearing that she might be frightenedhe kept quiet. The next morning, after bathing, he went to Dwarkamai, and prostrated before Baba and sat down quitely.
" Bhau, what did you see last night," asked Baba," arre Bhau saw a Ghost," said the devotee. Then Baba said," Arre Bhau that was Me". The puzzled devotee replied," No Baba , it was a ghost and i spoke to it.". " It was me bhau , ask your mother," said Baba. The devotee turned to his mother , who said," Yes Baba is in everything -man , bird, beast, and spiritstoo." Besides , spirits are in Baba's control. Thus the devotee, Baba sahib Tarkhad learnt a very valuable lesson.

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It was a nice post about baba's leelas.