Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baba's Knowledge of sanskrit

Sai baba was as strange god . Shirdi is a punya bhoomi for having had such a God there. The villagers of shirdi are blessed. Even the grass on which baba walked is also blessed. Shirdi came into prominence because of Baba. All siddhis (supernatural powers) were at the feet of Baba. Those who visited shirdi worshipped Baba's feet. One day Nana chandorkar , while pressing Baba's feet , recited within himself some shloka. None were there . Baba asked him what he was reciting to himself . Chandorkar replied that it was a sanskrit shloka which Baba would not understand. Baba said that he would try to understand and asked chandorkar to read it loud. He read the thirty fouth shloka in chapter 4 of the bhagvad gitaas follows:
Tatviddhi pranipatena pariprashnena
Sevaya- Upadekshyanti Te Jnanam
Jnanina stattwadarshinah
Nana chandorkar thought Baba did not know sanskrit and that he (nana) , having read the Bhagvad Gita several times along with commentaries , knew everything . But when nana could not give answerss to Baba's questions for even one shloka , he felt ashamed . Then he concluded that however much one might have read , one cannot be equal to a Jnani. His pride has gone. Then Baba in his own style , Gave answers to the questions he had put to Nana.

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