Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obeying Baba's Orders

For the people of shirdi , Baba was the incarnation of God. Whwn the devotees took leave of Baba, he gave certain suggestions. The devotees took them as Baba's orders and followed them strictly. If a person not follow Baba's suggestion, he met with some difficulty.
Once Tatya Kote Patil was on his way to the shandy at Kopargaon in a tonga. He went to see Baba, who advised him not to leave shirdi . But Tatya replied that when Baba was there , he had no fear and continued his journey . After going some distance , one of the legs of the horse got sprained and the horse sank on its legs , and the tonga fell down. Thre was no serious danger, but Tatya had to come back to shirdi. Tatya was greatful to Baba for his motherly love and for foreseeing the mishap and advising him not to go.
The above incidents means
Though Tatya went against the advise of Baba, he put the burdrn on, Baba expressing complete faith in him, and he escaped from danger.
Even what Tatya had done was also not correct.Disobeying Baba and then putting the burden on Baba was alos not proper. It was a foolish act.

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