Friday, January 9, 2009

Hari Kanoba

Here is a story of a man who did not believe in Baba and wanted to test him. HIs name was Hari Kanoba. He wore a lace-bordered turban and had a new pairs of sandals. He went to shirdi and had darshan of Baba. When he started to leave the mosque and searched for his new sandals he found they had dissappeared . He returned to his lodge disappointed and even when he offered puja and naivedya before his meals he could think only of his missing sandals. Then after finishing his meals he came with some others to portico of the House. They saw a boy with stick on which was tied up a pair of sandals. He was calling out the name of Hari Kanoba and giving a description of him and the name of his father and asking him to claim his sandals. Hari stopped the boy and told him he was the man he was looking for. The boy told him he had been sent by Baba to hand over the sandals to him. HAri wondered how Baba knew his name and that of his father and also about the lace turban and other features of his dress given out by the boy. He no longer disbelieved Baba's miraculous power . Baba had passed his test

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