Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harishchandra Pitale's son

Pitale was a resident of Bombay . His son was suffering from fits. He was given all types of medicines without any relief. After hearing the Hari Katha of Baba remembered by Das Ganu, he came to shirdi in 1910 with his son. He visited Baba in the Mosque and prostrated before him. He put his son near Baba's feet. Baba looked for sometime with concentration at the boy. The boy lost consciousness and fell on the floor. Foam began to come out of his mouth and he perspired profusely, with the temperature of the body going below normal. On seeing the condition of the boy, the parents were very much worried. The boy's mother started weeping . Then Baba told her not to weep but to take the boy to the room and he would be all right in half an hour. After taking the boy to the Wada the boy regained consciousness, from that day onwards the boy did not get fits. While leaving shirdi, pitale went to see Baba who told him " Brother, I had given you two rupees on a previous ocassion and now I am giving you three rupees. Keep them in your puja room and worship them. " since pitale had come to shirdi for the first time, he could not understand how Baba could have given him two rupees earlier. After he reached home, whne he narrated this to his old mother, she told him that in the same manner as he had taken his son to shirdi , His( Pitale's ) father had taken him to akalkot Mahraj. He had given him two rupees and asked him to keep them in the puja room and worship them. His father had worshipped them till his death and the worship had stopped after that. from this story it is clear that sai Baba was Akalkot Maharaj.

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