Sunday, November 30, 2008

Uddhau Madhava rao deshpande

Inshirdi itself by some good fortune one was able to meet a 90 year old devotees of Baba who said Baba played marbles with him when he was a boy of eight . He is Uddhau Madhava rao deshpande , Don of deshpande alias shama , an intimate devotee of Baba . His name has appeared frequently in this chronicle. Udhau Madhava Rao identified himself As the small boy with a cap on and holding a sceptere in his hand in the Photograph of Baba with his devotees taken on his way to the chavadi. In the picture where baba is seen clutching his kufni with his left hand and a royal umbrella held over his head he is flanked on either side by two children and the child to his rtight is Deshapnde's Son . Udhau Madhava rao , who lives in the same house occupied by his father , was too old and feeble to talk much but he was anxious to let the visitor know of his intimate contacts with Baba who had visited his house only once. That was when his father was bitten by snake. Baba had then come and applied udhi on the affected part and asked Shama , as he affectionally called him to come to the mosque the next day for arati. He said their house was no near the mosque that when his mother shouted at home baba could hear her.

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