Thursday, November 27, 2008


A Visit to shirdi was an exciting , spiritual experience , the memory of which will last a life time . From the moment one got down at Kopargaon railway station and took a taxi to Shirdi ,18 kilometers away ,one was consumed with anticipation and a feeling of exhilaration that one would very soon set foot on the sacred soil of shirdi ; one would charmed and ennobled the lives of thousands of devotees far and near for over a decade and continues to do so even after he shed his mortal coil 76 years ago.
To one who was familiar with Sai Baba;s life and the times in which he lived , Kopargaon was an important name with which was associated many incidents connected with Sai Baba and his devotees. If ine remembers Sai Baba one has to remember Kopargaon too, for it was there that the devotees came first on their way to shirdi . It has been the scene of some of the Baba;s Miracles. It was also the Place Where for some time the station staff was antagonistic to Baba and tried to dissuade people from visiting Shirdi. But they could not stop the flood of pilgrims to shirdi and realised their mistake much later.

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