Friday, November 28, 2008

Prayers Sung By the Congregation

" Thou art my mother, thou art my father
Thou art my brother, thou art my friend
Thou art knowledge, thou art the embodiment
Of love and tenderness
Thou art everything , my Lord, my Lord.
My body, my speech, my mind and all my senses
my innate being-all these i offer to you , Narayana

" All those who meditate on you diligently have
Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth , dwelling in their homes
Day and night uninterruptedly
You also protect them and remove all their difficulties
such art thou Baba.

" I bow down to the Lord sadguru Sainath
who is truth incarnate and always rootes in consciousness
And bliss, the lord who is the cause for the creation,
Existence, destruction of the world and who has come to
World in a human from the sake of his own devotees.

" Sai is the avatar of Raghav (Rama) the Lord
Who fulfils the desires of his devotees for the
Purification of their infatuated and deluded hearts
And minds -to whom I pray , day and night
Untiringly and Blissfully.

"Sainath! You are my God whom i worship
I extol your praises. Let my mind dwell lovingly
On your lotus feet just as the Bee hovers over the
Lotus flowers enticed by the desire for honey

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roshan said...

Thanks for giving me such a wonderful prayer sunil . I hope that it will be my early morning prayer