Monday, November 24, 2008

Shirdi Prayer

The Prayers To Baba in The early morning arati are intended to wake him up and seek his darshan." With folded hands I lay my head at your feet , oh Sadgurunatha please listen to my entreaty " says the devotee in his prayer . "Irrespective of feelings i have come to you ,please look at me mercifully ,Sadgururaya.Since I desire to be your feet always ,give me shelter , leaving aside all reservations.
The devotee then asked Baba To wake up ."Arise Panduranga (Vithal of Pandharpur) ,it is now dawn . Vishnu's devotees have gathered in large numbers on the grand para (eagle-shaped platform found in vaishnavi temples ). Arise .Arise, Shri Sainath Guru , Show us your lotus feet .
"Tide over and relieve us of all mental tensions, physical tribulations And temporal problems and save us all.
"Oh, Lord Sainath maharaj, You are the sun that destroys the darkness of ignorance of this world . How ignorant we are! We have no words to describe your greatness . Even the great poets are exhausted in their attempt To describe it. Mercifully, Therefore ,give us the ability yourself to sing of your greatness.
"The faithful devotees who follow you with good intentions and feelings to have your darshan are waiting to your doors. We are filled with content to see you in deep meditation but we are eager to drink from you the nectar of your teachings .
"Open your lotus eyes , lord of the poor and the destitute, Lord ramakantha (VIshnu) and look at us mercifully as a mother looks at her child .Your amusing sayings in a sweat voice take away all our sufferings, sainatha.

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